A Cool Breeze

Windy days don’t get stored in the memory banks like a thunderstorm, a bunch of rain or a bunch of snow.  Even though they can be rather wicked, no one ever says “Hey Bob, you remember that windy day we had back in 2002?  That was crazy.”  Yeah, never happens.

And it’s a shame because today was a friggin’ super windy day.  Shingles were all over the neighborhood, our downspout made it down the front of the house and around the corner somehow, power lines were down all over the place and traffic lights were all wonky.  But yeah, just another windy day to be forgotten in a few weeks.  No respect for the wind!

Nothing is more glamorous than letting a dog inside the house only to notice that there is a piece of you-know-what stuck to her backside.  I won’t go into the disgusting details, but no dog is just going to sit there and let you take care of that, so we trapped her and whisked her to the bathtub where I was able to clean her up accordingly.  Just thought I’d mention that so I could share some of the fun.

She’s worse than a kid, I swear…

Not Soon Enough

Luke’s Quote of the Day: “The church bell should mean that it’s time for everyone to dance.”

Luckily for me, the Christmas tree we ordered from BMart showed up three days early, and better yet we had some time available so I set that sucker up.  This will take some getting used to as our previous tree was absolutely massive in width and you couldn’t really see through the thing.  Trees nowadays, at least ones that are affordable and not $800, don’t seem to have that “fullness” to them.  That is a bit disappointing I guess, but after it is decorated I imagine it will be just fine.

Luke wanted to put a star on the top right away, but we are waiting to decorate it until Thanksgiving is over (like, that evening probably, no time to waste!).  In fact, that weekend is most likely when Thanksgiving goes away for good and Christmas makes its grand appearance.  I know, you are thinking “what is the matter with you?” but relax.  You see…

…I love Thanksgiving too.  It doesn’t really compare to Christmas obviously, but the annual tradition of stuffing your face stupid while watching the Lions lose, then stuffing your face stupid with dessert while hoping the Cowboys lose is really appealing to me.  And do to it all with family?  How could it not be awesome?

Yeah, it’s awesome.  And it kicks off Christmas so that’s a good thing too.


Quite Pink

Tonight we were at the City Theatre Downtown for the riveting musical Pinkalicious.  If you don’t know what this is, it’s a book series about a girl who likes pink.  Yeah, that’s kind of a generalization, but really that’s what it was about.  Claire loves the books and Luke does too, so it was totally fine that he was one of probably three boys at this thing.  It was pretty cute and being on such a small stage made it a really good fit.  Everyone liked it and afterwards we went to the Town Pump for dinner.

And that….was interesting.  Even though there wasn’t a sporting event in the city tonight I expected this place to be a bit busier, especially since it has been around for a little while and is in a pretty good location.  Yeah, we were basically the only people in the place that were actually eating.  It took almost forever for someone to come by the table too, but once the waitress came by things were fairly normal and food was good too.

Luke loves being in the “big city” so he was totally fine.  Claire didn’t want to eat there and was getting anxious, probably because she was tired and hungry.  Somehow we made it through dinner rather painlessly.  Both of them zonked out quickly on the way home, got a little bratty after they woke up and then we shoveled them into bed.

Blaire made a brief appearance, but we quickly shoveled her into bed too.

High Tech Monitoring

As you already know, Santa Claus maintains a list of who is naughty and who is nice.  And as you also already know, I am firmly entrenched on the “nice” list.  But don’t you wonder how Santa creepily watches you constantly?  Of course, and this question is easily answered by a four-year-old.

“Santa has a lot of video cameras!”  -Luke

So there you go.  Santa is currently watching your every move via wireless video cameras.  HE SEES EVERYTHING.  EVERYTHING.

Remember that legal battle between our subdivision and the other subdivision and the stupidness about how our deeds said we were in the association and they maintained we weren’t and had a legal opinion drafted that said we weren’t but they were open to us joining but we’d have to sue them and then they actually fought the court case because they really didn’t want us in?  Yeah, well the judge ruled in our favor.  Hooray!  Depending on when that officially takes effect, roads and common areas must now be maintained the same across all subdivisions.  So we’ll see how all that goes down, I’m sure there will be some drama, so I’m anxious for that.

Santa was watching that too……


Well, Why Not?

Since it is still the middle of November it makes complete sense that it was winter-like snow and temperatures today.  Man, this global warming thing is just brutal!  So with a bunch of snow to play in, the kids immediately went outside after school to the backyard to enjoy the first real snowfall of the season.  With all that snow, chilly temperatures and blistering wind…yeah, they didn’t really much care about that.

I don’t really remember how much I played outside in the winter.  Basketball was really my thing back in the day and I do remember shoveling and playing basketball.  I also remember building some snow forts toward the end of the driveway where the snow would pile up….and…..that’s about it.  Maybe my winter childhood was way more fun than I thought.  Who knows.  I definitely don’t remember sledding or anything like that.  Meh, who cares really.  I’ll just re-live my childhood by watching the kids play outside…

…while I’m inside, of course.