I’ll Make Up Any Reason To Go There

Luke’s Quote of the Day: “When I’m talking I can hear my head inside.”

Today was Hockeyfest at the Joe and with a birthday party later this afternoon we thought it would be tough to squeeze it in.  Yeah, whatever, let’s go!  Here’s a mini-photo tour…

Red Wings Locker Room: This was cool to see, but a bit underwhelming.  In my opinion the only reason for this is the age of the Joe, where extravagant locker rooms weren’t a thing yet. And working with old bones doesn’t necessarily allow opportunities for expansion.  I have a feeling that the locker room in the new arena will be a monster.

Lower Level: Here you could visit the Olympia Club.  We didn’t get back over there.

Ice Level:  With these new Red Wings draft picks, the ice level festivities were pretty fun.  They had nets set up where kids could shoot balls, a goalie section where you try to stop foam pucks, a small rink for pick-up games and little wood cutout where the kids could stick their heads in.

Concourse Level: Five players were up here, Niklas Kronwall, Jimmy Howard, Brendan Smith, Tomas Tatar and legend Ted Lindsay.  The lines spilled into an entire section of seats in the upper level.  If you wanted autographs, the best bet here would be spending the $500 for a gold ticket which guarantees you autographed items from each player and allows you to move to the front of the line, getting a bunch of friends to split the cost with you, sending one person to collect them all and then share the items.  Any takers for next year?

Aside from that the Yzerman, Lidstrom and 2007-08 Stanley Cup banners available for pictures, a kids section where they could get their faces painted, play bubble hockey and assorted other kid things like a small inflatable hockey rink where you could play mini-sticks.  Pretty cool.

Suite Level: Here you could visit the giant Legends Club suite area and I believe you could have toured the press box, but we never made it up there either because we were short on time.  Not a huge loss I don’t think.

So there you have it.  I have a bunch of photos but was too lazy to upload any more than this.  Everyone seemed to have fun and for $20 each ($10 for kids) it was a good value to see some typically off-limits things.





Luke’s quote of the day (as we drove past the Lexus dealership): “I wish everything was a dollar.”

Recently we ordered and received blinds for the living room and dining room to finally eliminate the “temporary” blinds that have been up there since we moved in.  Naturally I put up the brackets in the living room and went to hang up the blinds and noticed that they were buckled in the middle.  Well, that’s a problem.  Grrrr…I looked at the blinds for the living room and sure enough, those were buckled too.  These suckers are heavy, so I’m willing to bet that they were damaged during shipping because they packaged them together in one super heavy box.  So we contacted our friends at Steve’s Blinds and they sent us some new ones.  Then the wheels started turning.

The window in the laundry room still needed blinds and was precisely half the width of the windows in the living and dining rooms.  We ordered blinds that had two blinds on one rail because one giant blind would have been too heavy to lift, so if I could cut the badly buckled blind neatly in half I might be able to put that up in the laundry room.  After a below-average hacksaw job but a creative use of tin snips, BAM!  They fit perfectly!  Woohoo!

Then we were looking at the other set of buckled blinds that wasn’t as bad as the first, but still not “hangable” because was also slightly bent like a lower-case ‘n’ and wouldn’t fit the brackets.  The window in the office was identical to those in the living and dining rooms, so we figured we had nothing to lose and attempted to bend the blinds the other way to straighten them out.  It turns out we buckled them even worse doing so, but it ended up leveling the blinds and BAM! they fit in the office!  Even the buckled part fit in the middle support bracket so that couldn’t have turned out any better, and none of the mechanisms for the blinds were affected.

I remember at the old house I said I would never hang blinds again because it can be such a pain in the ass, but here I am ten blinds later.

I am NOT for hire.

5% Chance Means Yes

As you most likely know, tonight we had considered a family outdoor movie night.  We planned this last weekend and knew that the weather had called for high temperatures in the low 60s, with overnight lows in the low 40s and overcast skies.  The movie would have started at 8pm and the temperature was supposed to be around 56 degrees.  Maybe a little cool, but not bad.  We would have the fire bowl in use, plenty of blankets, popcorn, etc.

This morning the Beather Channel said that there was a 5% chance of rain today.  And from what I could tell it basically rained on and off all day, so much that it filled the fire bowl with water.  That is a significant rain.  The grass was rather wet, so I don’t exactly know when it rained but I guess it was heaviest around noon.  The grass wasn’t spongy, but would have soaked through a blanket easy enough.  What does this all mean?  Well, two things…1) we’ll reschedule the movie to the following weekend and 2)…

…don’t trust the Beather Channel at all.  Worthless.

Never Forget?

Luke’s quote of the day: “Food is poop and water is pee.”

September 11 is easily considered one of those “Where were you when…?” moments that happen maybe a few times during a lifetime, like a JFK-type event.  Maybe the only other event that I significantly remember where I was is Michael Jackson’s death, kind of like our generation’s Elvis with a wee bit more creepy thrown in.  (We were in the car on 12 Mile, possibly heading to Royal Oak.)  It is sad that these tragic events happen, and in the case of 9/11 catchphrases like “Never Forget” seem to be tied to these events rather quickly.

And that’s all fine, but the odd thing about 9/11 is that I don’t really remember much of what transpired during the actual attack.  I had been at my current employer only seven days and was sitting in my cubicle trying to figure out a way to look busy when I heard my colleague Ed say “a plane flew into the World Trade Center.”  That I will never forget.  We had no idea what was about to occur after that.

Shortly thereafter we found ourselves in the atrium of our building where someone had wheeled out a TV for people to keep tabs on what was going on.  The severity of the situation wasn’t quite understood at that time since neither of the towers had fallen, so people just checked the TV and went on with their work day.  As did I.  The next thing I remember was calling my Dad and maybe Chrissy to tell them that we were in “lockdown”, no one was coming in and no one was leaving.

I remember the “lockdown” being lifted shortly after the time I was supposed to leave, so it didn’t end up being a big inconvenience for me personally.  I was still living with my parents at the time and I do remember getting home later in the evening when they were watching the news coverage of some sort of US attack in Afghanistan.  I thought to myself “wow that was a quick response to the attacks,” but I remember the news people saying it wasn’t necessarily in response to what had happened earlier in the day.  And that is where it ends for me.  I remember things just being “different” after that, people were staying away from planes, people were shocked that you would actually fly somewhere, etc.

It was “Patriot Day” at Claire’s school today, and I was curious what they would tell first graders about 9/11.  Chrissy asked Claire if she knew why she was wearing red, white and blue today and Claire said she did, but she didn’t want to say it out loud.  She whispered “a plane flew into a building” into Chrissy’s ear and that was the end of the discussion.  Fine by me.  I’m sure we will get interrogated about it later when she is older as part of a class project and I’d rather not regurgitate the volumes of information I have learned about 9/11 since then.

So where were you on 9/11?


Luke’s quote of the day: “I think Santa tells the Tooth Fairy what houses have the teeth in it.”

Our “source” for Red Wings tickets is someone my Dad knew at work.  If I recall correctly they didn’t really work a lot together, so it is a bit surprising that she gives us first dibs on her tickets.  But that’s fine by us!  They shade just a touch toward the blue line but are actually very, very good seats.  Naturally the kids have mentioned they wanted to go, but it would be really hard for them to see given how the Joe is.

But then I thought pre-season tickets would be perfect because the crowds will be light and we’d probably be able to move down, and we could leave whenever they got tired since it is a game that doesn’t matter.  Luke won’t know the difference and we’d be all set.  However, I didn’t really want to pay face value for pre-season tickets because that is kind of crazy.

Then, by chance, our “source” asked if we wanted some pre-season tickets for no charge!  Really?  This is perfect, so I’m going to take Luke down there.  And by chance again, she had tickets available for the Blackhawks and Luke hates the Blackhawks (raising him right, and rightfully so).  So there we go!  I showed Luke the tickets today and he was thrilled.  Claire had a bit of a frowny face but maybe I can take her next year.

The Tooth Robot came early!