Oh, I’m Sorry, We’re You Ahead Of Me?

Late this afternoon we had a sneak peek at Claire’s school where she found out who her teacher was going to be, dropped off her school supplies and took a look around her new room.  It started with everyone walking a complete circle around the lobby upon entering (to help disperse the crowd I guess, but wow we felt dumb), then, waiting in line to get the card that shows what teacher she has, then going to the room and meeting the teacher.  Sounds simple enough, right?

And it was, until we got to meet the teacher.  We waiting patiently for the people in front of us to finish their greeting, then two girls around Claire’s age stepped in front of us and watched.  No big deal.  Then, one of the girl’s moms started speaking and plowed her way to the front.  “Hi, this is my daughter Bratface, blah blah blah blah blah.”  She was the super-annoying mom type too, you know exactly the type I’m talking about.  She kept jabbing away and Chrissy audibly said, “Oh, ok” and her face obviously showed surprise.  One of the mom’s behind us was equally surprised, and her daughter was one of the one’s watching closer to the teacher so she called her daughter back to avoid any further confrontation.

It was weird.  And if it is a sign of things to come, I think you can expect more blog posts about this mom in the future.

Can’t wait!


Human Tornadoes

It is amazing to me how quickly children can do things.  I’m not talking about thinking and learning, I’m talking about doing things.  Like playing with toys and making messes, creating a path of destruction along their entire path.

I know, this is nothing new.  The interesting part to me is the way the destruction increases at an exponential value when you start adding children to the mix.  The way that they provide energy to each other like they are some sort of alien energy regenerating beings.  It is quite entertaining.

Yeah, you might have the urge to strangle them, but hey, that’s only part of their plan.  It is another way for them to zap your energy and add it to their bank.

Don’t let the aliens win.

Murder Machine

With approximately 135,000 miles traveled, Bessie has seen a lot of unusual things.  From the big lady smashing her car door into her, me closing the garage door on her multiple times, hubcaps and concrete flying into her face, you name it.  But on every trip I can think of, I have never seen Bessie do what she did during the trip to Michigan’s Adventure.  She was a murdering machine.  The bugs, oh my goodness.

I remember Chrissy and I went to a Tiger game many years ago around this time of year and they was a delay in the game as a huge swarm of whatevertheheck invaded the stadium.  The people in front of us leaned back in their seat, then leaned forward and the back of their shirts were covered in smashed bugs.  Fans, including ourselves, fled to the concourse and waited for a few innings while the wind carried them away.  It was awful, worse game ever.

On the way back yesterday it was quite buggy out and Bessie’s windshield looked like it was caught in a perpetual rainstorm.  It was actually a bit distracting to drive at times because of the volume of bug guts.  And when I saw her in the driveway this morning, holy smokes, dead bugs all over the front.  I decided to give her a scrub and have the kids help out, marking the first hand-wash since I could remember.  If I had to guess it would be at least five years since I washed the car myself.

And now she needs a wax.

Adventuring in Michigan

Today we used our free tickets to Michigan’s Adventure from that weird dentist raffle we won a while back.  This was our first-ever visit, so here is an unofficial 2050 Times review.

The three-hour drive ended up being a four-and-a-half hour drive with multiple stops and road construction, so that put a kink in our arrival plans.  I don’t think we got into the park until it was closer to 12:30pm, and by that time some of the lines were quite long.  It was a Saturday and the season is winding down so I guess this wasn’t all surprising.  The park was a little bigger than I expected it to be, but I would say quite a bit smaller than Hershey.  But Hershey had one thing that we could not find anywhere at Michigan’s Adventure…signs.  Maybe it’s because the park was smaller, but could ya put up a sign or two telling us where rides are?  This is a huge pet peeve of mine.

The water park was probably our favorite area, complete with three wave pools which the kids loved.  They were somewhat limited due to height restrictions, but we still managed to fill up the day with activities there.  Once we dried off we went on a few “dry rides”, but after a while Claire wasn’t feeling well which may or may not have had something to do with ice cream we had for dinner.  Ok, it wasn’t actually dinner, but it acted as dinner because we didn’t actually eat “real food” until we left.  Either way, both kids said they had fun and Luke would have been totally content with staying until close.

The rest of it was your basic amusement park stuff as nothing really stood out as different or unique, especially if you’ve been to Cedar Point since Cedar Fair owns both parks.  Which brings me to an important point.  In a couple of years when Claire and Luke can ride just about every ride out there, why not go to Cedar Point instead when there are more rides and it is closer (but more expensive)?  We’ll have to see.  I haven’t been to Cedar Point in close to 15 years now (holy crap) so I can’t accurately compare the two and will table that portion of my review for now.

All-in-all it’s a nice park, maybe a bit too small for the crowds and in need of a little updating in some of the common areas.  But for $0 I can look past all of that.  2050 Times Score: 7/10


I have said for quite some time that Bella was more work than the kids.  While this isn’t always the case, I think it definitely is the majority of the time.  Her demands on a day-to-day basis haven’t changed – primarily because I give in to them – but thankfully at her ripening age she is still able to jump on and off the couch and run around like crazy.  She had issues coming in the house from outside for a while (not physical issues, mental issues), and for the most part she does it on her own with some prodding.  For some reason me stepping out onto the patio makes her run in immediately, so I use that tactic if we are in a hurry to go somewhere.

But last night, all bets were off as apparently some sort of bug hatched and they were all over the screen.  I mean all over.  If I were to open the screen I probably would have been knocked down by the number of bugs that would have entered the house.  It was crazy.  I have no idea what kind of bug they were, but wow.

So instead I had to go out the front door and walk around to the back to grab here, scaring her in the process.  She was ok though, as I scooped her up and schlepped the fluffy canine through the front door and inside the house.

Like a queen in her castle.