You Know What Time It Is?

Halloween.  Never one of my favorite holidays, but I’ve definitely warmed up to it since the kids were around only because of their costumes.  Halloween always reminds me of when we were at the old house and we were in the midst of one of the first Halloweens since Bella was around.  The stairs were right next to the front door in the old place and I was sitting on the stairs holding Bella since she was barking at every….single….kid… that came to the door.  You couldn’t see the stairs until you got up to the door, so any kid that went up to the door for candy wouldn’t see anyone until they got up there and looked to the side.

Before long I got tired of Bella sitting on my lap so I just set her down on the landing.  The next time kids came to the door she got away from me, jumped down the two steps and barked her head off at the door.  I thought the kids on the porch were going to poop themselves as they let out a scream.  I had quite a laugh, but after that we either had to confine her to another room, leave her outside, or etc.  That was fun.  It was an accidental but genuine scare on Halloween.  But now, Halloween is over so that means it’s…

Christmas time.  Ho ho ho!  Where’s the Christmas music?


Run-On Sentence

For the past few days after I’ve picked Luke up from school, the ride home usually goes something like this.


Ok, maybe it isn’t one sentence, but it is literally non-stop talking from door to door.  And I love it.  He has so much to say after his day that he just does a complete brain dump on me for the entire ride home, just about every day of the week.  It is hard to stay focused on what he is saying and drive at the same time since his conversation can sometimes be interactive, but luckily I manage.  Claire was a talker too but I don’t think she was ever like this.

He definitely doesn’t take after Daddy…

Collecting The Winnings

While Claire was at catechism, we decided to go collect the kids’ pumpkins after the “contest” they finished 3rd in yesterday.  Claire said she wanted a tall pumpkin, that was her only requirement.

We got there and it seemed like every pumpkin was the identical shape and size.  The tallest one we could find had these weird bumps and gouges in it that Claire would have a fit over, but we found one that was sort of tall.  Luke’s pumpkin was short and very wide which helped make Claire’s look a bit taller.  Aside from those, every other pumpkin there was like from the Island of Misfit Pumpkins.  Bumps, gouges, weird growths all over, it was quite bizarre.  You could not find a near perfect pumpkin.  Interesting…

Then we got home I noticed that Claire’s pumpkin won’t even stand up on its own, so yeah, we brought a misfit one home anyway.  I propped it up using Luke’s pumpkin so we should be fine.  Just don’t tell her, even though Luke already tried to ruin it by telling her.  Figures.


Back To Back

Every fall one of the local fruit markets has a pumpkin coloring contest for the kids, where the winner gets a gift card, 2nd place gets whatever and third place gets a pumpkin.  It’s one those things where I think every kid gets 3rd place and a pumpkin.  Well guess what…?


That’s right.  If you want a pumpkin colored to 3rd place quality, just let me know and I have two capable and willing bodies to do that for you.  They were so excited when they got the call so it was worth it.

In case you were wondering, we finally got our hands on the Caramel Apple Oreos.  This was much different from the other flavors.  Even with the other flavors you still knew it was an Oreo.  Not so with this one, it tastes like some other brand you picked up off the shelf.  I guess that’s kind of the point, but I would recommend you give these a try because of how unique they are.

Anyway, back to celebrating…

Carvin Der Pumpkin

The French Market in New Orleans is loaded with touristy stores, but one that stands out is this hot sauce shop (not my photo).  Tons of hot sauces and rubs, big bottles, little bottles, you name it.  I bought three of the small ones for myself, but as I perusing the options I noticed one very common theme.  Hot sauces love the word “ass.”  Take this for example.  I’m not sure what “Smokin’ Coon Ass” tastes like, but I doubt it is as depicted on the label.  This one, with three different types of hot peppers in it, is surprisingly the weakest of the three.  Next up is this one, “Liquid Lucifer.”  Notice where the bottle is pouring out…yeah, Lucifer’s backside.  This has decent heat, but is like your everyday hot sauce.  Nothing unique about it.  Lastly is this beauty.  A lot of these hot sauces have things like “BEWARE” or “XXXXX HEAT” or “DANGER”, etc, but most of those are just for show.  Notice how this was says “One Drop At A Time!”  Yeah, that sort of thing.

Hooooooooly jeebus.  They are not messing around with that label.  I did not heed the warning and applied it liberally as usual and wow, this may have actually registered on the pain meter.  It wasn’t ghost pepper hot, but two thumbs up for this one.  Job well done!  Plus, no “ass” in the label.  Bonus!  Aaaaand now my mouth is watering.

Tonight was “pumpkin carving night”and after very little deliberation, I decided to carve Batman’s head.  Last year I think I did a witch and a haunted house and both were a bit challenging, but using those cheapo pumpkin carving tools it actually made it manageable.  I thought I still had those tools, then I remembered the carving knife getting bent so I don’t think I kept them.  And that made carving Batman’s head a bit more challenging, as shown here.  I’m blaming the lack of good carving equipment and a dim fake candle for the poor picture, especially because some of the thin lines were very, very thin.  Hopefully he makes it to Halloween.

I have no ending for this, so here is a related “2050 Times Just Because” video, one of my favorites.