The Big Easy Revisited

An exhausting day has come to a close.  I am doing this on mobile since we won’t have Wifi until tomorrow, so I apologize for weird formatting and typos.  At any rate, I have observed the following:

1. For one day at least, waking up at 2:00am is the same as waking up at 6:00am.
2. Bouthwest Airlines doesn’t really care when you want to check-in, especially at 4:00am.
3. Airplane passenger behavior would be equally fascinating to study as elevator behavior.
4. Some must-stop shops are closed on Monday and that is super irritating.
5. I still love this town.

We took a city tour today, saw some interesting sights and refreshed our bearings on where things are. We are on the western edge of the French Quarter so there is a bit of walking to some of the highlights. And my shoes suck.

An amusing part was with the concierge at the hotel. She had hours from 9 to 6 and at around 5:45 I headed down to get some information on some jazz clubs. She was on the phone and counting cash, and on the desk was a sign that said the concierge desk was closed.

A couple was in front of me so I went over to peruse the brochures while they asked their question. What happened next was straight out of a movie.

The concierge looked up at the couple and said “Oh, I’m sorry the desk is actually closed.”  Then looked down and resumed counting the money. The couple was dumbfounded as they stood there.  I don’t blame them.

Then after we grabbed dinner and came back around 6:45, she was swarmed by people and helping them left and right.  That was rather amusing.

Maybe she should leave the desk if she wants to appear “closed.”

Change Of Venue

Short post tonight since we have to wake up in four hours so I can blog from a new location, beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans was #1 in the 2050 Times Unofficial Top Cities in a America list a while back, so we are excited to be going.

It won’t be all fun and games since 50% of us will be in a work conference, but we’ll make sure to see some sights since I am sure you are worried about that.

Unfortunately the temperatures will only be in the low 80s all week with a 0% chance of rain, ha ha just kidding that’s awesome.

Halloween Is October 31st

Just about every year we try to make the short jaunt to ehhh….Billson Street in Romeo to check out the Halloween displays.  For some reason it freaks Claire out more than Luke, maybe because Luke thinks it’s “cool”, I don’t know.  I am not a big Halloween fan, but this is usually pretty cool to see.

We went there tonight with the neighbors and it was remarkably…not done.  I don’t know if that is normal or not because I never really pay attention to actual date we go there, but there is only one more weekend before Halloween.  You know, Halloween, on the 31st this year, like every year?  I know this sounds totally whiny but when your street is known for one thing and one thing only, and it is typically a pretty amazing thing, wouldn’t you think you’d have that thing ready to go by now?  Is anyone organizing this thing?  Apparently they need more time.

Maybe they’ll move Halloween into November next year…

Smash It Down

Luke’s Quote of the Day (while watching the game): “The Red Wings have 17 shoots and the Maple Leafs have 15 shoots!”

With hockey fever spreading like wildfire in our household, it seems that we can’t get through a day without talking about it in some capacity.  (Sound familiar, hockey moms?)  The topic of discussion while I was at bowling was the demolition of the Joe Louis Arena.

For me personally, the Joe has needed an upgrade for quite sometime.  You can only do so much with old bones and I think they’ve done all that they can.  I would love to get my hands on some arena memorabilia like seats or signs or something, but we have a couple of years before that is even an option.  There will be a tear or two shed since it is the only home arena I have known, but when it’s time, it’s time.  And 99% of the time, newer is better.

The kids on the other hand were completely devastated that it was going to be “smashed down” as Luke so eloquently put it.  He said he misses it already and doesn’t want it to go, and Claire wants them to save it so people can do ice skating there.  I told her that it was way too big for that and that 20,000 people can fit in there, and her reply was “20,000 people can do ice skating then.”  Can’t argue with the logic I guess!  I applaud the devotion they have after only one or two visits along with Claire’s re-purposing plan.  We can only hope the creditors that get the land do something awesome with that location.

When Luke was watching the game tonight, he asked if they were playing in the new arena (they were in Toronto).

Patience buddy, patience…

Can’t Make It Up

Wow, today was pretty uneventful.  I took the back roads to work today because the “main” roads are undergoing construction, so as I drove through the doughnut aroma near the cider mill (which is open at 7am by the way), I made my way to work.  And I worked.  Then I went home, picking up Luke on the way.

I wasn’t feeling all the great so I watched the kids eat dinner before I left for bowling.  Bowled, no sign of Coughing Guy, went home.  And here I am.  No crazy elevator stories, driving stories, nothing.  Soooo boring.  If you are a regular reader, you’ll notice this I happens every so often.

And for that I apologize.  Maybe I should stir something up next time.