It Was An Accident

Ever since Claire got to bring a breakfast to school Luke wanted to bring a breakfast to school, even though his was provided.  So every morning he gets his water bottle, a small package of muffins and some applesauce.  Sometimes there is a variation, but this is the most common.

Luke refuses to eat in the room with the smaller kids when we get to school, so when he gets there the preschool kids move to their room and he eats his breakfast there.  He sits down, I open his muffins and applesauce and head to work.  Yesterday as I was opening his muffins, one jumped out and landed on the floor.  I laughed and said “Whoops!” and Luke looked down and saw me picking it up.

“Can I still eat it?” he asked.
I replied, “No no buddy, we’ll have to throw that one away.”  There are only four muffins in the package, so I just ruined 25% of his breakfast not including the applesauce.  And then came the tears.

I knew they would come and there wasn’t much I could do about it.  If I ate mini-muffins at work and dropped one on the floor I’d probably have the same reaction, followed by anger!  I told him that he can have some of the school-provided breakfast the other kids were having and that seemed to calm him down a bit.  I couldn’t look at him as I left though, he was still pretty distraught over his lost muffin.

I learned my lesson.  It won’t happen again.

Better Than A Movie

As I may have mentioned before, our subdivision, and maybe yours as well, is on the website Nextdoor.  This is basically a Facebook for everyone in the subdivision where you can make general comments, post things for sale, report suspicious activity, etc.  And it is pure entertainment.

It is amazing what people will complain about:

Person 1: “We need to get this HOA legally resolved so we can have our streets plowed!”
Person 2: “Why are you asking for money for legal fees to resolve the HOA?”
HOA Board: “We’re in the HOA!  Our streets will be plowed!”
Person 3: “Why aren’t our streets salted?  This is ridiculous!”HOA Board: “Being legally part of the HOA board means we have to comply by the HOA rules.”
Person 4: “Why am I being asked to pay for XYZ as part of the HOA!  I never had a chance to vote!”
Person 5: “I never wanted to be part of the HOA!  I’m going to take legal action!”
Person 6: “I can’t believe how rude everyone is on here.”
Person 7: “I just saw three kids messing around with someone’s mailbox!  I called the sheriff!  I hope these rotten kids get thrown in jail!”
Person 8: “Those were my kids.  They were getting the mail.”

It is an endless cycle of people bitching at each other and making a fool of themselves.

And it’s hilarious.

Sorry…Sort Of

Earlier this evening I got a call from an unknown number in the “810.”  Typically I ignore these, but I was a bit on edge in trying to get the kids in the bath so I figured, “Hey, what the heck.”  It was from BCD Warehouse and they were calling about an extended warranty something-or-other on our stove.  I really dislike these calls.

BCD: “Are you aware of the current warranty status on your stove?”
Me: “Yep.”  <I have no idea>
BCD: “I wanted to offer you our extended warranty for $175.
Me: “I don’t think I’m interested.”
BCD: “What will you do if your stove breaks?”
Me: “Get it fixed.”
BCD: “The average appliance repair is $250.  This is an automatic savings.”
Me: “The average repair is $250.  It…”  <she cut me off>
BCD: “That’s right, you would save money right off the bat.  So say you had a $225 repair bill, that…”  <I cut her off>
Me: “It could be a $75 repair bill.”
BCD: “Well no, it’s an average of $95 just for the technician to come out, plus the work on top.”
Me: “That depends on who I go through.  Not all of them work that way.”
BCD: “Well, yes, that is true, but will they replace your stove if they can’t fix it?”
Me: “No, but I’m not paying them to not replace my stove either like I would be with you.  I’m not interested.”
BCD: “We could break the $170 into a payment plan.”
Me: “I’m not interested.”
BCD: “Are you sure you don’t want to enroll in this plan?”
Me: “I’m not interested.”
BCD: “Ok, I’ll update your file.”

She was more aggressive than what I could express here and that was most irritating of all.  Back to ignoring phone calls again…

My Apologies

I’m not much into superstitions – unless it has to do with any of the Detroit sports teams – but aside from that I don’t think that doing one thing will cause another thing to happen, etc.  So what I’m about to say will have no impact on the next month or so…

This winter has been great, right?  Especially when you compare it to last year, but even if you look at winters in general this one has been pretty good so far.  A few snowfalls (one barely snowblower-worthy), temperatures have been reasonable as of late, some sun, etc.  I can get used to this.  The next few days have no snow in sight either, so we’re looking pretty good going into February.

And no, snow will NOT bury our houses in February despite of what I’ve said here.

Watch out for May though.  Oops.  Sorry.

Popsicle House

Luke mentioned to me today how terrible it would be if we had a house made out of popsicles.  At first this didn’t sound so bad so I asked him why that would be a bad thing and he said “because water would rush out of the windows.”  Then, I was thoroughly confused.

When he said this I also thought it would be fun for the kids to see the Heidelberg Project because c’mon, sticking stuffed animals on the outside of a house is exactly what kids think about, but then I remember that a building burns to the ground every couple of months or so and there isn’t much left to be seen.  And then I was bummed, because I think the kids really would have gotten a kick out of that.  Maybe we’ll get down there and see what’s left before it is completely wiped off the map.

Or, maybe we’ll just stick popsicles on the outside of our house.  Hmmmm…