Lucky 13

Today is the 13-year anniversary of my employment at my employer. Hoooooly crap. If you would have asked me what I would be doing 13 years after I started, it definitely wouldn’t have been working at the same place. Granted it is vastly different from where I started, but I figured since my job is much of a mystery to some that I would finally describe what it is I do.  Ha, come on, no one really cares about that.

This is my peak allergy season (ragweed, screw you I hate you), but thankfully since my sinus surgery this hasn’t been as bad a time of year as it used to be. The worst part of ragweed season now is itchy eyes. Oh my goodness. The itch is endless and I have to be careful not to give in because I will be in for a loooooong day. Last night my unconscious self decided it would be a great idea to scratch the beejezus out of my left eye, which made sleeping after that an immense challenge.  I can use eye drops, but the doctor says not to use them regularly so forget that.  If I don’t think about it I’m fine…

…man my eyes itch real bad now…

And I’ve Lost Control

It has been my goal to prevent the children from growing.  At least once they have promised me that they will stop growing and not get any older, however, they have both broken those promises.  I’m not sure if I should punish them or not.  I’m still trying to decide.

Today was the day where I realized that promise will never be adhered to, and that was specifically when Claire got her ears pierced.  The plan was to have her and her BFF get them pierced together – or at least around the same time – but after her BFF had it done Claire said she wanted to wait until she was seven.  Sounds good to me.

Well, today she didn’t turn seven, but she did get her ears pierced.  Change of heart much?  I had been coming to terms with it for a while so I really don’t have a problem with it at this point.  It’s just another piece of youth disappearing before my eyes.

Maybe I won’t feed them as much.  Yeah, that’ll work…

Getter Bugger

Today Claire had her BFF over to watch a movie on the outdoor screen along with a couple of neighbors for a small get-together.  The kids decided on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, a movie I would like to see but have yet to watch.  And I didn’t get to see it tonight either, but that’s fine.  With seven kids on the premises at night-time outdoors, that meant there were going to be some unwanted visitors indoors.  Meh, it’s ok, just part of the deal I guess.

But when Mothra decided to invade it happened to get some people into a tizzy.  He was tucked away in the most inconvenient corner of the great room, so this was a job for the vacuum.  It took a couple of tries, but eventually I got him.  I’m on a roll the past couple of days!

Luke was SO excited that he called me “The Best Getter Bugger.”

That would look pretty good on a business card.

Am I Interrupting Something?

With the weather being as crazy as it has been and regular life being equally crazy, we haven’t been able to eat dinner outside as much as we liked.  Well, as much as everyone else likes because I generally don’t like eating outside.  Anyway, we finally got a chance to eat outside today but we had some unusual activity surrounding us.

Chrissy went to open the umbrella and noticed a yellow jacket sitting on the fabric.  Not a huge deal, but she opted not to open it since yellow jackets are not overly friendly.  It could have been a wasp I suppose, but it definitely was not a bee as it wouldn’t have been sitting there.  I’m cool with bees.  Wasp and yellow jackets?  Nope.  There will be blood.  Assuming they bleed, I don’t know.

We started eating with the umbrella closed and noticed a yellow jacket bothering the kids.  Then another one.  Then another one.  The kids retreated inside, then another one showed up and us adults retreated inside as well.  Given the early swarming nature I would venture a guess that we were invading their territory.  After we finished eating I grabbed the wasp and yellow jacket killer and investigated the back patio.  I looked under the fireplace extension, the table, chairs, grill, kids’ play house, but found nothing.  In all honesty I didn’t expect to find anything there because the yellow jacket on the umbrella was the obvious clue.  But the thought of opening the umbrella after several weeks of it being closed only made my mind wander and imagine hundreds of yellow jackets bursting out and stinging me to death.

I opened the umbrella as quickly as possible and ran to the other side to see what was there.  Sure enough at the top of the umbrella were about six or seven yellow jackets all jammed together, walking around very strangely.  It didn’t seem like very many to me, but I grabbed the step stool and prepared for the attack.  When I reached the top step I saw inside the center portion of the umbrella (the part that allows the air to flow through when opened) and there was the rest of the party.  I could see all of them, but saw a significant dark spot behind the fabric.  Looks like I was about to ruin their fun.

Everything was still calm as I prepared for a two-fronted attack.  That’s a big no-no in a battle unless you have the manpower to pull it off, and I was only one person, but something had to be done!  I sprayed the small group on the top of the umbrella, then sprayed their buddies in the middle and hastily made my way inside.  This spray claims “instant kill” and yeah, they aren’t kidding.  The ones at the top flopped off the umbrella immediately while the other group stopped moving around shortly thereafter.  Victory was mine.

I brought the hose out to clean the umbrella and of course bug spray never washes off of anything, so we might have a couple of stains for a while.  But the back patio was safe once again.

I suppose it is time to get an umbrella cover.


Blog Update

I sat here for a few minutes and thought, “Wow, nothing at all exciting happened today” so I figured now would be a good time to throw out some very thrilling blog numbers your way! Hooray!

This is the 776th post, which means it has been 776 days since we moved into the apartment. Yikes. It feels like yesterday!  Who knew I’d still be doing this, and on a daily basis?  Not me.

There have been a total of 670 published comments and about 99% of these have been from people I know.  The mysterious “MomC” leads the way with 209 comments, followed by “Your Sister” (not your sister, my sister, and my oldest sister) with 145, and yours truly with 135.  I should award medals.  There have been a very small number of strangers commenting, most notably a representative from Bomcast after I bashed them (which is why I secretly disguise the name of companies now), and a very passionate protester of those inflatable latex objects you would release at a festival (check it out if you missed it).  “Foiled! Foiled!” is the post with the most comments, 10.  Yeah, we put a stress on the WordPress servers that day I’m sure.

I have 14 followers, all WordPress users and none of them people I know (Hi!).  It could be just a ruse to get me to follow their blog, but I’ll be honest, I haven’t checked them out.  Does this make me a bad person?  I don’t know.

There have been 13,914 total views with the most popular post being Claire’s first day of kindergarten, which contained a lot of pictures that drove up the view count.

People from 49 countries have viewed this blog…hahahahahahaha…not really, but that’s what it says.  I know two countries for sure, plus a few random countries that registered when people were on cruise ships.  Other than that, just computers scanning various corners of the Internet.  No, I don’t have any friends in Qatar.

Readership is trending downward as people realize I am neither interesting, nor funny.  December is a big month though, probably due to the 25 Days of Christmas feature that people seemed to like, and because it is Christmas season and everyone loves Christmas.  EVERYONE.  There is no easy-to-gather data on the numbers of views during a Monopoly post, but I am sure the numbers are high….very high.

So I’ll keep plugging away for now.  We’ll see how things look at the end of the year.

And the blog rolls on.