Anger Management

I am generally not an angry person, with a few exceptions.  1) Don’t get near me if the Red Wings lose an OT playoff game, 2) Don’t be one of my children and roll around on the floor instead of doing what you were asked to do, 3) Don’t be my dog and wake me up at 1:30am so you can eat grass outside, 4) Don’t be around me when I hit my head on something.  Aside from that, I’m a pretty chill dude.

But one other thing that will set me off into uncontrollable rage (exaggeration) is forgetting my lunch at home.  This is doubly bad because my lunch bag also contains my breakfast so get ready for nuclear fallout, which is what happened today.  Plus I didn’t realize it until I made it to my desk, so at that point there was no reasonable chance of going back to get it.  I’m not sure what is worse, realizing I didn’t bring it when I’m at my desk or when I’m just past halfway to work.  With the former I have to deal with the shock for forgetting it since I’m already there and can’t do anything about it.  With the latter I have to think about how I forgot it for the entire ride in.

Maybe I should just work from home.

Like A King Counting His Gold

One thing that has been bothering me unnecessarily is how our board game collection is not documented.  Important things, right?  Yeah.  Should the house go up in smoke I have no proof that there really were a bazillion board games in the spare room closet.  So I have taken the task of documenting them.  Even though most of them are a dime-a-dozen, some of them are actually quite valuable.  The plan is to take a photo of each game and jot them all down in a spreadsheet.  Basic stuff.

I’ve made it part of the way through Monopoly games with the photos, but got all of them “written down.”  Interested?  Probably not, but here we go.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to list them all individually…

  • Total “regular” Monopoly games: 81
  • If you add kids games: 84
  • If you add Monopoly spin-off games: 90
  • If you add the games made out of chocolate: 92
  • If you add the full-featured electronic games: 95
  • If you add European travel games: 96
  • If you add card games: 99
  • If you add slot machine games: 101
  • If you add mini-game game board add-ons: 103
  • If you add bathroom accessories: 107
  • If you add paperweights: 108
  • If you add plates: 109
  • If you add Johnny Lightning cars: 129
  • If you add mugs: 131
  • If you add mini lunchboxes: 132
  • If you add clocks: 133
  • If you add expired railroad stock certificates: 135
  • If you add neckties: 136
  • If you add keychains: 137
  • If you add fruit snack boxes: 138
  • If you add calculators: 139
  • If you add candles: 145
  • If you add ink pens: 146
  • If you add picture frames: 147
  • If you add cocoa mix: 148
  • If you add books: 150
  • If you add books signed by the author who worked for Parker Brothers: 151

Well, I must say this is a rather unique list.  If you are keeping track at home I would say 84 is the “real” count, regular games plus kids games.  There are soooo many on the wish list that this number will likely increase, but probably only through the gift method since I’m typically too cheap to buy them.

Hint hint…Christmas is just around the corner you know.

Nice To Be Loved

The kids have stayed the night more than a few times at other locations.  More often than not we are there with them, but occasionally they stay at my parents for a mini-vacation like they are tonight.  And occasionally, they (usually Claire) break down and want their Mommy and Daddy.  Last night we had to handle an emergency phone call from a broken-down Claire, who just wanted to come home and sleep in her own bed.  After some difficult persuasion she agreed to try to get some sleep, but not before she was totally fine with coming home and not spending any more time at my parents.  And then she wound up Luke, but eventually that got cleared up as well.

It’s good that she wants to be home and that it is comfortable for her.  Yesterday was probably a little too hectic being at the cottage then going straight to my parents, but at least tomorrow she’ll be back home in her own comfy bed.

I’m good with that I think.

The Natural

As you already know, I am not an outdoorsy person.  The whole camping/fishing/hunting scene was completely bypassed during my childhood, and to this day, continues to be bypassed.  And I’m ok with that.  However, there are some curious children that might be interesting in such a thing.

At the cottage the kids got their full taste of the fishing scene.  Claire was asked if she wanted to try fishing and she declined.  Luke was asked the same question and he said “YEAH!”  He was given the fishing rod already baited and cast and was told to reel it in when the bobber dropped below the water.  It dropped below the water, Chrissy’s cousin’s husband yelled “REEL IT IN!” and Luke reeled it in, catching a mid-sized perch!  The fish was taken off the hook and Luke was asked if he wanted to put it in the bucket.  He held out his hands, carried it to the bucket and dropped it in.  Piece of cake.  He was called “a natural.”  He even had the backwards lean going as he reeled in fish after fish after fish, seven in total!  It was pretty much something like this.

He loved every minute of it and didn’t show a single reservation.  Claire on the other hand, eventually gathered the nerve to try it and caught a fish of her own, then didn’t want to do it anymore.  Not entirely surprising.

And on the way home after picking up Bella, we saw a car with a license plate from Hawaii.

Guam, Mexico and now Hawaii.  SE Michigan is quite the hotspot!

Cottage Time

We are at the kids most favorite place on Earth, the cottage.  Thankfully the threat of rain didn’t ruin the kids’ spirits!  This is also one of Bella’s favorite places, but we left her behind because we might go to Frankenmuth or Birch Run or something before we head home.

I found it amusing after we broke the news to the kids that they pretty much constantly said they wanted to go to the cottage, but didn’t want to do any of the things that would help them get there faster like eat their breakfast, take a bath, get dressed, etc.  Future planning is a concept not understood yet, as is the very similar cause-and-effect.

And now that I think about it if they did understand those concepts, managing kids would be WAY easier.  There must be a way in 2014 to engineer this.   Hmmmm, maybe this is a bad idea.  If this caused them to see through the little white lies required to get through the day it would be a disaster.

Ok, maybe I should just deal with it…