Dishwasher v2.0

You may remember our adventures with “Dishwasher”, the lovable dishwasher at the apartment where cleaning the dishes was completely optional and random.  The exposed heating element melted more than a few plastic cups as it attempted to flip over all of the top rack items and fill them with dirty dish water.  Good times.

Sadly, new dishwasher is suffering from what appears to be a troublesome drain pump.  It still works, but I’m not about to fill up with a full load of dishes and then have the pump fail during that load, which would totally happen.  From what I could tell nothing is blocking the drain hose and it really does sound like the pump is wearing out.  And (un)luckily for us, many service attempts on this type of dishwasher require you to remove the dishwasher from under the counter, which I’m not about to do because I know what would happen.  I don’t think that would be the case with the drain pump, but stranger things have happened so yeah, there you go.

Do you own an iPhone?  Do you want to be potentially shot by law enforcement?  Well then look no further than this genius item. This case is great if you never want to put your phone in your pocket or have the TSA confiscate it at the airport.  Who would buy this, and secondly (and more importantly), who would actually use it?  I guess what makes it worthwhile is that there is an app that will display the rest of the gun and mimic the firing of it when you pull the trigger.

Wow, what a great feature.

Not Over Easy

Your local Balmart might be the most interesting place on Earth.  For whatever reason their prices on socks seem better than other stores, and pretty much everyone needed socks so there we were.  Once you get past the always interesting customer base, certain things about the store are odd.   Like when one area in the back smelled like scrambled eggs.  What is the explanation for that?  There sure wasn’t a break room or anything over there.  And there was no one visibly cooking eggs.  There were a couple of people in the area, so maybe….well heck I don’t know.  And since it wasn’t actually eggs, what was it that I was smelling?  Never mind, I don’t want to know.

For me, one of the best things about summer are rain and thunderstorms.  Aside from warm weather, that is what I miss the most as the leaves change and fall arrives.  Nothing helps me sleep better than rain and storms, but now with this I could be sleeping like a baby 365 days a year.  Except for the fact that it looks stupid and is almost $3,500.  Here is a video of it in action.

Yep, still stupid and expensive.  Bummer.

A Secret Life?

Luke’s Quote of the Day: “When I go to bed before Santa comes I’m going to dream of jumping into a cup of egg knob (nog).”

Over the years there have been a few times at bowling where I run into someone I know, or someone who knows a family member.  Last night was one of those instances…or so I thought.

After practice a gentleman from the other team said, “Does anyone know Rick YourLastName?”
I responded, “Yeah he’s my dad.”  With my Dad’s extensive banking network I figured this was an old customer of his or an old friend.  That happens a lot.
He replied, while moving both wrists as if he was opening a door, “Wow, the foosball player?”
I returned a blank stare and said “No.”
“Oh really?” he continued.  “Well, Rick YourLastName is also one of the world’s top foosball players.”
“Wow, I guess I missed my calling.”

So this is bizarre.  While I expected the last name to be spelled differently, no, Rick YourLastName is indeed a master foosball player.  Very, very weird.  I looked him up and he looks nothing like my dad, so I think it is safe to say I don’t have any hidden foosball genes.  OR DO I?!?!

In need of an affordable fireplace?  Or, if you already have one do you wish to add another?  Well lookie here!  For a mere $69 you can put a fireplace and mantel anywhere in your home, assuming you already have a giant wall that would fit a fireplace to begin with.  It doesn’t give off heat obviously, so you will have to pretend to be warm by your pretend fireplace.  Why would anyone use this?  I have no idea.



Oh yeah, we’ve hit the homestretch here.  This is when things start getting good, and unless you have done an excellent job of pre-planning, your stress level reaches its peak as you realize that you forgot a gift for Betty and/or you can’t find the Lego set you bought for Billy in November.  It’s full on panic mode!  Embrace it!

And let me help…yeah, this may be a bit pricey, but definitely worth it.  Has your special someone ever wanted a chair that was nothing but legs all along the bottom and back?  No, that’s a stupid idea?  Well of course, so you better add this sucker to your cart then!  Here’s a super creepy chair with legs all over that looks straight out of the movie Beetlejuice.  It’s so versatile!  And at about $1,840 U.S. dollars, this ugly thing is a steal, right?

No, not right.  This might be the new dumbest thing on Earth.

Fountain Of Youth

Christmas is Bella’s peak “moping-around-the-house” season, whether it be due to Claire’s arrival almost seven years ago, or perhaps the seasonal affective disorder that impact many humans, or, she is just weird.  Regardless of the reason, she has shown quite a bit of life lately.

Like many dogs I’m sure, Bella’s priority when playing with one of her stuffed toys is 1) play with it, and 2) destroy it.  In fact, if the toy is indestructible, she’s probably not going to play with it at all.  So when Chrissy finally sewed closed some of her old toys and put them back in her toy box, she was suddenly rejuvenated!  And in addition to playing with her toys, she started bringing out her old chew toys and rawhide.  It’s like Bella is a puppy again!

I like marshmallows.  I’ll eat them plain, in hot cocoa, s’mores, cereal, whatever.   But what I likely won’t eat, is this. It is a sheet of marshmallow with your face printed on it.  I have no idea why this exists, and am curious as to how many of these have sold.  I don’t know how much sheets of marshmallows go for these days, but I supposed the $20.49 price is reasonable.  It’s that perfect gift for…

…no one actually.  Absolutely no one.