As we finished up our workdays today we wanted to head to the river and check out the shops and stuff over there.  As we exited the elevator on the main floor we could only see a swarm of high school kids.  Hundreds of them.  The line to check-in was wrapped around the lobby, the center of the lobby was stuffed them and the entrance into the hotel was jammed with them as well.  It was quite unexpected!  We slowly weaved our way through the masses and outside of the hotel, continuing to dodge them as we moved further down the street.  Apparently there was some sort of high school choir competition and they all arrived by the busload.  My goodness!

And that basically wraps up our New Orleans trip!  We’ll be up around 3:30am Friday to finish packing up and heading out to catch our shuttle, then fly out at 7:13am, catching a connector in Atlanta first.  The timing is good.  We miss the kids and are eager to get back to our usual routine.

Can’t wait to come back here though.


In my opinion, there are two things you absolutely must do when visiting New Orleans:

1) Visit Bourbon Street at night.  Do it quickly and never go back there again, even during the day.  Maybe we’re too old, but that is a rather annoying scene to be a part of.  It is more fun to watch the drunks and tomfoolery from a comfortable balcony restaurant than it is to drink anything on Bourbon Street, even if there is a guy holding a sign that says “HUGE ASS BEERS” next to an establishment called “HUGE ASS BEERS.”

2) Get and eat a muffuleta.  This is what I’m talking about.  That is a muffuleta on top of my work laptop (proof that I am actually working while I’m here), and this is it in its shimmering glory next to a pop can for scale.  $15 will basically get you two meals for two people.  That is a steal.  A delicious steal.

Aside from those accomplishments, yesterday we stumbled upon an art gallery near the jazz clubs that had a huge assortment of metal signs and letters.  We’ve been struggling to find an “M” that was old-looking and large enough to fit nicely in the space above the TV in the great room that wasn’t several hundred dollars.  Lo and behold, here was one!  It was three feet tall with a bronzy kind of look to it.  We asked the guy last night how much it was and he said $65.  We asked if he shipped and he said “yes”, so we figured we’d come back today.  And we did.

Today we asked how much shipping would be and he asked his co-worker who said “$35″.  Ok, $100 is about what we estimated in our head so that was fine.  A third person rang us up and took our shipping details.  She said she could ship it for $25 instead of $35 and took 25% off the price of the letter which made it $50.  Tax + shipping made it $79.50.  As I was looking at the receipt on the way out the door, she charged us $69.50!

She sucks at math!  Score!


Worth The Walk

Tonight we wanted to experience some “authentic” New Orleans atmosphere, so we headed to Frenchmen Street where a lot of the “off-the-grid” music clubs are.  We selected one of the jazzy ones because a) that’s what New Orleans is all about and b) jazz is awesome.  I stuffed myself stupid with chicken jambalaya while Chrissy went the cajun mac & cheese route, we had a couple of drinks and headed back for the evening.  The walk was 36 blocks round-trip because we are on the west edge of French Quarter, as I mentioned yesterday.  However, the bonus part about that is you get to see some reeeeeeeal interesting people along the way.  And we haven’t even been on Bourbon Street at night yet!

On a side note, this sticker is on our hotel safe and is immensely entertaining.  FIRTS?  KRYCARD?  ENTER CODE TEN OPEN DOOR?  Is this some kind of cryptic code?  I’m sorry that is hilarious.

“Tank you” for reading.

The Big Easy Revisited

An exhausting day has come to a close.  I am doing this on mobile since we won’t have Wifi until tomorrow, so I apologize for weird formatting and typos.  At any rate, I have observed the following:

1. For one day at least, waking up at 2:00am is the same as waking up at 6:00am.
2. Bouthwest Airlines doesn’t really care when you want to check-in, especially at 4:00am.
3. Airplane passenger behavior would be equally fascinating to study as elevator behavior.
4. Some must-stop shops are closed on Monday and that is super irritating.
5. I still love this town.

We took a city tour today, saw some interesting sights and refreshed our bearings on where things are. We are on the western edge of the French Quarter so there is a bit of walking to some of the highlights. And my shoes suck.

An amusing part was with the concierge at the hotel. She had hours from 9 to 6 and at around 5:45 I headed down to get some information on some jazz clubs. She was on the phone and counting cash, and on the desk was a sign that said the concierge desk was closed.

A couple was in front of me so I went over to peruse the brochures while they asked their question. What happened next was straight out of a movie.

The concierge looked up at the couple and said “Oh, I’m sorry the desk is actually closed.”  Then looked down and resumed counting the money. The couple was dumbfounded as they stood there.  I don’t blame them.

Then after we grabbed dinner and came back around 6:45, she was swarmed by people and helping them left and right.  That was rather amusing.

Maybe she should leave the desk if she wants to appear “closed.”

Change Of Venue

Short post tonight since we have to wake up in four hours so I can blog from a new location, beautiful New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans was #1 in the 2050 Times Unofficial Top Cities in a America list a while back, so we are excited to be going.

It won’t be all fun and games since 50% of us will be in a work conference, but we’ll make sure to see some sights since I am sure you are worried about that.

Unfortunately the temperatures will only be in the low 80s all week with a 0% chance of rain, ha ha just kidding that’s awesome.