The Crusher

I’ve talked about Bessie a lot in this blog, but as we experience more together I still discover new things.  Like yesterday, for example, I discovered she is a murderous monster…when it comes to bicycles.

I was leaving to get pizza yesterday and when I backed up I heard something crunch.  I knew the kids were outside and were riding their bikes and the power wheels, so I figured it had to be one of those.  And yes, yes it was.  Claire’s bike was the victim and Bessie viciously mangled the front tire.

Needless to say Claire was distraught that I ran it over, and I was upset that the bike was behind my car, especially Bessie doesn’t have one of those “backup camera” things I hear people talking about.  So in the end both of us were equally at fault, which I guess is better that way.

Off to find a replacement wheel.

Moving Out

We had thought we had a good ten to fifteen years before the kids would leave us and move on to their own place.  But today at dinner, Luke declared he was running away from home.  This wasn’t completely his own doing as I had said something to him that triggered his response.

I told him to eat his pizza.

I KNOW.  What was worse is that we were eating outside and Luke, as usual when we eat outside, was not really cooperating.  So usually when this happens the offender must eat alone indoors.  Admittedly this is a rare occurrence, however, it had to be done in this circumstance and I told him he had to eat his pizza inside.  He stormed away into the house in tears, then poked his out of the door and said he was running away.

Naturally, he told us the place he was going to go to (the neighbor’s), and before the episode was over Mommy had gotten it to the point where the entire family was going with him to run away.  So we were basically leaving the house behind.  I was not prepared for this.  I guess I need to find a realtor.

No, no, wait.  We brought out the water balloons.  That was enough to convince him to stay.


Like A Zoo

We hadn’t been to the zoo in over a year, probably close to two since we didn’t go at all last year.  We have nothing against the zoo, it just got a bit more inconvenient after we moved.  So because of that, we went to the zoo today.

Maybe it is also because our luck at the zoo is bad.  We never see any bears, the chimps and gorillas are always in a spot we can’t see anything, the camels just stand at the back of their area doing nothing, and the list goes on.  Today, animals were actually moving!  Brown bears were swimming and getting out of the water, the camels were just standing around but at the front of their area, flamingos were running around, vultures were playing with each other, zebras were kicking each other, gorillas and chimps were visible, it was much more entertaining this time around.  Yeah, not falling for it.  I’m sure that was one-off occurrence.

One thing stays the same though.  The giant anteaters are always out.  Always.

I’m not exactly sure what that means.

First Day?

Recently a new Bdoba restaurant opened up in front of the Beijer over there.  We went there a few weeks back and it was pretty good.  I wasn’t 100% sure I’d been to a Bdoba before so it was basically the first time for me.  They had multiple hot options, so yeah, I’m sold.

We went there again for dinner today because the kids seemed to like it even though the mild queso was burning their faces off.  This time we elected not to have the queso on their beef nachos and all was well.

Except…there were literally six people behind the counter and it seemed like this was everyone’s first day on the job.  It was so scattered, people asking questions to their colleagues, people not listening to what the customers wanted, even the cashier entered 30 cents instead of 30 dollars when I was paying for our food.  And to complain further because that is what I do, my quesadilla looked like it exploded on the little grill thing, and the paper liner on the bottom of the platebowlthing (outlawed when I’m President by the way, no more basket-like plates for dinner, so irritating, Me 2016) was so thin I ended up eating some of it.  But even after all that, it was still pretty darn good.

Maybe my standards have lowered.

Cutest Little Addict Ever

She has struggled with addiction from an early age.  You couldn’t really tell by looking at her, but it is something that has gripped her life now and again.  Of course, I’m talking about Bella.

When she was a wee pup she had some issues with dry skin so we had to buy fish oil capsules, cut them open and pour it onto her dry food.  Before long she would only eat the pieces of food with fish oil on them, rejecting the rest.

Years later during some sort of bug where she had to switch to a bland diet for a few days, the vet gave us cans of food that would settle her stomach.  She’s always been a dry food eater, but when she had the wet can food that is all she ate, rejecting her usual dry food.

Now, nearly 11 years later she was back on a bland diet because of another bug of some kind and the vet sold us a bag of food, which was huge and “their smallest one.”  We were supposed to give her that for a few days and then switch to her other food.  Sorry, but no.  With a bowl full of food she stomped her paws and made her “Hey minions, my food and/or water bowl is empty.  Come fix right now, like right now.  Now.” whimper.  She was demanding the bland diet food.  Ok, since this bag was huge we figured we’d appease her until it was gone by mixing her old and new food.  Well, what a monster we created.

She is now separating her old food and removing it from her bowl, then eating the new food.  All over the house we are finding old food she is transporting out of her way so she can eat the new food without any “contamination.”  Behind the couch, near the window, by the front door and all around her food bowl are little pieces of her old food.  Seriously?

Seriously.  I never thought she was a dumb dog, just selective when she used her intelligence.

Well, she has made a selection.  Addiction it is.