Project 141

One of the side effects of having the walkway to the house leveled was that the grass on either side was now also low.  The years of water rushing over that way created low spots which now had to be leveled to avoid the same problem happening again.

This was an interesting problem because the concrete guy suggested pulling up the grass in sections, putting topsoil beneath it and then rolling the grass back down.  I have never really worked with grass in this sort of way at all so I was curious how difficult it would be.  And as it turns out, not that difficult.

It took almost six bags of topsoil to level it out and while it isn’t pretty yet, it did seem to work as planned.  I have no clue if the grass will live, but time will tell.

The other section of grass, the stuff that was installed as part of the landscaping on the other side of the walkway, was also low.  This was low to begin with and in retrospect we should have had them add topsoil before putting the sod down, but either way I figured it was something I could still level off on my own.

No.  For whatever reason this sod will not roll back nicely at all and was breaking apart i clumps.  Maybe it is a different type of grass or something, but the “roll back” plan is not an option there.  I will have to put topsoil down on top of it and either re-seed or let it grow through.  This may not turn out as nice, but I’m curious how all this will look in the end.

It may turn into Project 141a, the re-do.  We shall see.