Second Period

Last time we went down the hockey route with Luke, he left extremely disappointed after being both the youngest and slowest kid in the class.  Watching the other kids skate up and the down the ice was very discouraging, so he hung up the skates.

When we mentioned the Little Wings program to him a few weeks back he showed a renewed interest in playing, especially when he found out that you get equipment and get to keep all of it afterwards.

We missed the first session because of Claire’s birthday party, so today was his first session.  And what a difference a year or so makes!

He was going up and down the ice during the drills, sometimes very wobbly, sometimes falling down, but he showed a relentlessness we haven’t seen on the ice before.  Only toward the end of the 50 minute session did he want to be done, primarily because the helmet was squeezing his head and a skate was bothering him.

It was a job well done for our Little Wing!