A Sandwich Cookie Sandwich

If you watch any of those dessert baking shows on the food channels, you’ll notice that they always call Oreos “sandwich cookies”, probably due to some trademark/licensing thing.  “Sandwich cookies” are a big staple in this house, and it was time to try one of the latest flavors, PB & J.

Everyone loves PB & Js here, so while popular as a sandwich some were a bit hesitant of putting this sandwich into a sandwich cookie.  But we took the plunge anyway…because that is what we do here.

They smelled a bit strange, but the longer you smelled the more it was like a PB & J.  Sort of.  The filling is an almost 50/50 mix of peanut butter and jelly, which is expected.   When you eat it…it sort of tastes like a PB & J?  You could make yourself think it was a PB & J, but I think it was more like a peanut butter sandwich cookie crossed with a jelly donut sandwich cookie.  Not like that’s a bad combo, but I think it missed the mark a bit in replicating the PB & J flavor.  With that said, it is a tasty one so it’s not a complete miss.

Official 2050 Times Review Score: 6.5/10 – It’s good, but not PB & J good.  Which is still good.