Birthday Sponsorship

We don’t watch a whole lot of TV and as a result, the kids don’t either.  Obviously that changes when they are away at a friend’s or relative’s house, and that’s totally fine.  And that’s why it cracks us up when the kids recite something they saw on TV because chances are they didn’t see it here.

Take today for example.  Luke’s young birthday tradition is to get donut holes on his birthday.  We talked about this yesterday and of course he wanted them, so we were going to pick them up this morning to bring in for a treat in his class.  He said to me “Are we going to Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop?”  He might be the first person ever to say the complete name that wasn’t in a commercial.

After we picked up the Timbits, he started calling Tim Hortons, “Timbits”, as in “we went to Timbits.”  And after we got to school I had apparently made an error.  I was supposed to get him his own personal box of Timbits AND a big box for his friends at school.  To curb the tears I agreed to pick up more on the way home so he could bring them tomorrow, except this time it was Munchkins from Dunkin’ Donuts.  “America Runs On Dunkin'” I told him, but he wasn’t interested.

Long story short, Luke really likes donut holes.


It’s my job as your favorite blogger to convey my life experiences to you.  Well, I’m not getting paid for this so technically it’s not my “job”….actually, this is really a step below “volunteer” because this serves no real benefit to society.  Anyway, part of the deal is me to sample every available Oreo I can get my hands on, so here we go…


Ok, I get that this probably costs Babisco more to make, but the package of the S’mores variety is the smallest I have ever seen, even smaller than the Beese’s Peanut Butter Cup!  My taste buds might still be a little numb from the various internal head infections, however, they are much better prepared today than they were yesterday.  Although, I am still puzzled that even when I am 100% that every Oreo type initially tastes the same.  Bizarre.

My verdict?  This is a very solid S’mores attempt.  The first cookie was a little slow to take effect, but by the time the second one was gone there was a definite S’mores party going on with my taste buds.  I think if you warm these suckers up for a few seconds in the microwave you might be onto something big.  I didn’t try that, but I leave will that experiment to you.  Not much else to say really as there is always less to write when things go well.

Oreo S’mores: 9/10 – Warm them up and let me know how they are!

Happ Birthda T Yo

In a nutshell, China is simultaneously what is good and bad about a free market society.  You can get decent things cheap, but sometimes those things are crap.  But a lot of people aren’t willing to pay more money for their stuff, so this is a good as it gets.

Here is a prime example.  Just a super cheap football that came in a pack of other toys, and they can’t even spell their own country right.  And, not a single person in the chain could be bothered to fix it, probably because it would mean more work for them!

At Luke’s birthday party, this gift bag is another example.  This probably wasn’t noticed until the bags were printed and some guy said “Meh, whatever.  You get the point.”  I honestly did a triple-take when I saw it, so the fact the most people would miss it kind of solidifies their point.

O wel, it’ no lik yo actuall nee all th letter anywa.

Secret Stash

There was a stretch of time a while back where Luke thought it was optional to wipe his behind after the ol’ #2.  Yeah, gross.  I’m not sure where that started from, but the couple of times we noticed it we made sure to exclaim that was not an acceptable practice.  Shortly after we had the discussion, Chrissy discovered a pair of skidmarked superhero underwear tucked in the corner of his closet behind some old toys he doesn’t play with.  Whoa man, we dropped the hammer on him then.

It then dawned on us that sometimes when he was getting his pajamas on he wanted to be the one to put his clothes in the hamper, or get dressed in a different room, or something along those lines.  We then realized that he was unsure if his underwear had the skidmarks and if it did, it was time to stash them somewhere.

Just moments ago when we were cleaning the loft in preparation for his birthday party, a pair of skidmarked Superman underwear unearthed themselves from the corner of the room.  How long have those been there!?  Luke assured us that it wasn’t a recent incident, but he got his punishment just the same.  There will be no birthday party tomorrow.

Ha!  Yeah it was tempting to threaten that, but you can’t let them call your bluff on something like that.  At any rate, I’m interested to check the corners of the rest of the rooms upstairs and see what we might find.  And it cracks me up that in his mind we would never find those undies.

Maybe we’ll let Claire search for them.

Just An Observation

It’s amazing to me the complete obliviousness kids have to their surroundings.  Examples…

  • “Oh look, this open container of Lego I just put away is right next to me.  I’m just I can just hop over it without sending the pieces flying.”
  • “I see Daddy and Mommy are talking, but I really need to show them this trick I can do with my finger.”
  • Daddymommydaddymommydaddymommydaddymommydaddymommydaddymommydaddymommydaddy!”
  • “Wheeee!  It’s fun doing cartwheels right next to the TV stand.  I just know I’m not going to smash my ankle on it.”
  • “I know if I talk back to you I’m eventually going to cry, get really mad and not get anything I want, but meh, it’s worth a shot this time.”
  • “I really want a cookie after dinner, so I’m going to pretend I’m full and stop eating, and then I’ll get a cookie no problem.  Perfect logic.”
  • “We always hold hands in the parking lot, but this time we probably don’t need to do that and I can just run.”

Part of the learning process I guess…