The Key

Claire and Luke like to play with our old cell phones.  They pretend they are calling whoever they are calling, download “apps”, and mimic whatever we do on our phones.  These phones have no batteries because they are ancient, and some of them aren’t even smartphones.  They are relics.

During our travels today Luke claimed he dropped one through the seat back and into wherever that goes, presumably the trunk.  Chrissy was looking for it and didn’t see anything in the trunk, so she was trying to figure out how to fold the seat down to see what she could find.  When looking, she found a keyhole.

Ok, so what’s the big deal?  You’re supposed to unlock it and fold the seats down, right?  Well, my car doesn’t have a key.  I wasn’t given a key or told I needed a key for anything, so how on Earth do we unlock this?  I looked at the fob and there was no key anywhere and no switches, except for a battery cover on the back.  Nothing in the glovebox, nothing in the manual pouch, where is this mysterious key?

After a few seconds of searching, we found it!  Turns out that isn’t a battery cover at all, but it in fact holds a key.  And the only purpose of this key is to control that seat back.  I assume this is a security feature that actually locks the trunk somehow, like for valet services or something, but I was too blown away by this secret key to test anything.  And no, we never found the phone.  That’s an entirely new mystery.

It’s like an Indiana Jones movie over here.