Safety First

We were at Target today for the usual random crap and one of the things we bought were those little snap pop things that you throw to the ground.  The kids thought they were fun last year.  We also bought some sparklers because I’m not so sure the kids have ever seen or held one of those before.  At any rate, we checked out and went home.

Upon looking at our receipt, we noticed that there was a “fireworks safety charge”.  This is apparently something that has been in place ever since the “real” fireworks became legal a few years back.  It is essentially a 6% tax in order to “fund the Bureau of Fire Services and firefighter training”, and the 12 cents for each of the items we bought probably helped break their revenue record.

This counts as one of those dumb fees like the mysterious “shop charge” when you get your oil changed and the “911 surcharge” on your phones.  Whatever, you can’t really do anything about it.  Well, I could of course (Me 2016), but that’s a different issue.

It’s good to know that my 24 cents is going to a worthy cause…

Newly Controversial?

With all of the hubbub surrounding the Confederate flag it makes you wonder what is the next moderately acceptable symbol that will be suddenly “offensive” to everyone.  More recently, the Native American nicknames used by high schools, colleges and professional sports teams were a really hot button because of how “offensive” they were.  Although the intent of those nicknames and imagery was to honor those tribes, some schools took it a bit too far.  But on the flipside, people suddenly became outraged because the media told them to.  And now those nicknames are disappearing and with it, a little bit of history too.

Same with the Confederate flag.  The senseless and tragic shooting at the church and the pictures of the shooter with the flag sparked outrage, and naturally the media ran with that.  When I see that flag I don’t think “slavery” or “racism”, I think of people who joined together to stand up against something they didn’t believe in.  Sure, slavery was obviously a big issue, but in this day and age I see it as a symbol of rebellion with no racial overtones.  Maybe it’s because I’m from the North, I don’t know.

But at any rate, that sure didn’t stop the guy on M-59 this morning with his “Don’t Tread On Me” AND Confederate flags flying from the bed of his pickup truck.  Both flags looked as if they had been there a while, torn and covered in diesel exhaust, but this guy is probably not one to really listen to anyone of authority anyway based on those flags.  He was like a rebel in my eyes, but obviously other people may have a different opinion.  And that’s fine.

Hmmmm…maybe there were slaves in the back of the truck too.  I didn’t think about that…

Well, That Was Easy

Remember back in the day when I moaned and complained about the windows of the doll house?  Yeah, apparently that was one of the easiest things to do, because now I’ve bogged down completely.  And this is the reason.

Oh yeah.  Prior to this I built the balcony railing where I had to cut the dowels into exactly 1 3/4″ pieces, then glue them in parallel to the balcony frames.  Well miraculously I did that, and now I had to cut 40 more dowels of various length, paint and sand the wooden beads that go on the end, glue them together, then glue them to the rail in a particular order.  Twice.  Oh, and somehow I ran out of dowel to cut, so I had to get more from the craft store.  Nice.

You can see Step 56 in the picture.  Step 56 takes up the entire friggin’ page.  I don’t know about you, but if you have a step with multiple steps and illustrations, I’m going to go ahead and say that is more than one step.  Just sayin’.

On the Red Wings plate, glue and beads.  North of that, the second roll of masking tape.  Northwest is the sanding block and tape measure.  In the Northeast are the cut dowels for Rail #2, sitting next to the freshly painted trim barely in the picture that will go on the front of the house and on the eaves of the roof.  Quite a busy night.

Almost there…almost there…yeah ok, it’s never going to end.

Little Did I Know

Today we were at the Tigers game because a large number of the Girl Scout troops from SE Michigan were doing a parade on the field.  As expected, we didn’t really see much of the game (and it figures it was a good one at the end), but that’s fine as it seemed like the girls had a great time.  Except for one.

Claire.  Now don’t get me wrong, she had a lot of fun, but as we were milling about getting ready to leave (because the bus was waiting), the game was not yet over and Claire was beside herself.  She regretted going on the ferris wheel because she wanted to watch the game instead.  Really?  Now this was totally out of left field (ha!) as she barely even watched the game from the stands to begin with.  She was pretty much in tears.  We did get to see the walk-off home run from one of the TV screens, but that wasn’t enough.

So I did the obvious and promised her that we could go to another game and she could watch the entire thing!

Yeah, we’ll be home by the 6th inning.


With Luke and I at the Bia dealer waiting for Chrissy’s car to get her oil changed, this was a perfect opportunity to price out the Bia Boptima since it is pretty high on my list, even though I won’t be ready for a new car for a while yet.  It would be good to see if what I want is in an acceptable price range.  But really, why stop there?  If it is in an acceptable price range, then why not just go through with the whole darned thing?  Yeah, my thoughts exactly, so I did just that.  I upgraded…

…our phones!  Ha!  Yeah, Bessie is still around, but since I’m typing this I imagine she’ll catch fire in the garage in no time.  But we did upgrade our phones since we were due and “someone’s” phone has a slightly cracked screen.

Pro Tip: You will spend 90 minutes in this process.  We had never upgraded with our current carrier before and while the process wasn’t painful, it was rather tiresome.  When you start the process they ask for your ID, and while we were waiting for everything to transfer they turned away some guy after showing his ID.  I thought we were in for some drama, but there was none.

Sorry.  I wish I had more for you.  Maybe tomorrow…