Red Cross

Earlier this morning us parents collectively wondered “What would happen if the kids needed to call us from the B&G Club?”  FYI, the B&G Club is now forever to be referred to as “The Club”.

At around 11am today we got a voicemail from The Club, saying that Luke’s nose started bleeding randomly and to call them.  How’s that for timing?  Apparently the answer to the question is “Get a bloody nose.”  I called them and they said they’ve got it under control and that he is fine, and is safe to continue his day.  Ok great.

Whenever Luke has a nighttime nasal blood explosion, another one usually happens shortly after so we can safely assume this was normal.  But it is good to know that they will call in the event someone is bleeding.

I wonder if there are other scenarios?  Nah, I better not ask that question…