Drain The Lake

The fact that children really don’t know anything can be extremely entertaining, as you most likely know.

When I was a wee lad my evil, evil parents convinced me that I was traded from my baseball team and had to go live with my uncle in Illinois. Naturally, I broke down into inconsolable tears on the thought I had to leave home. I had to have been around seven or eight at the time so I was still very much in the “believe everything your parents say” stage. Scarred for life I tell you…

Earlier today, we convinced Luke that the lake closes every night and a ship comes by to pull the drain plug, which of course causes all of the water to go down the drain. Then every morning, the owners of the houses and businesses on the lake wheel out the hoses and fill it back up.  He was pretty amazed by this and asked if you could go into the dry lake bed after all of the water was gone.

“Of course not! You’d never be able to get out, silly!”  Then Claire came along and ruined all the fun like all big sisters do. 

He laughed and we all moved on, grabbing some lunch and just hanging around Mackinaw City for the day. Tomorrow we’ll head to the island and do who knows what.

Maybe we’ll trade Luke for a horse.