Jigsaw puzzles are a favorite in our house.  Luke really likes them and will often put pieces together before we’re ready to go, Claire loses interest after a short while, but us parents go through puzzle stretches from time to time.  The only problem is that I need puzzles with words on them or something that helps me distinguish the pieces, because I can’t see colors for crap.

The sizes vary anywhere from 500 to 1,000 pieces, typically nothing bigger because we don’t want the thing to be sitting out for a month.  Over the weekend we picked up a 1,000 piece puzzle and were quite surprised when we opened the box.

Well, this presents a problem.  It turns out that this is a 1,000 piece miniature puzzle where the pieces are no larger than my thumbnail.  It’s not our fault by the way, there were all sorts of stickers and stuff on the front so the word “miniature” was obscured.  So yeah, that’s my story.  Looks like this one might take a while.

It’ll fit well in the dollhouse.