Amputate Them

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I don’t mind winter.  Warm winters like this (except for this weekend) are especially nice, but the really cold days are kind of fun too.  It really makes you appreciate summer that much more, and now that the daylight is getting longer it is a really exciting time of winter.

But one thing I hate most about winter is how dry everything is.  I could use lotion all day everyday and the corners of my fingers will still split, right by the fingernail.  UGH, this is super annoying.  I imagine part of the reason this happens is because I’m typing basically all day and since I’m such a dedicated and hard worker my fingertips take a beating.

And let me tell you, this is murder because I still have to type all day with my painful fingertiips!  OH THE AGONY!  Good thing I’m such a trooper and can fight through it!

It’s not easy being a tough guy.