Competition Day

Saturday is a big, big day.  At 11am Luke has a hockey game, but the bigger show is Claire’s first cheer competition on a junior competitive team at around 12:30 in Birch Run.  This is much bigger than her non-competitive team last year, because some of these competitions award paid bids to the U.S. Finals in Chicago.  This isn’t one of those events, but it will at least give them an idea of how close they are starting the season off.

Claire seems a bit nervous, maybe?  Not sure.  She can be a tough read sometimes so it she might be more tired than anything.  She’s not a fan of the spotlight so it’s hard to tell.  She did great during her competition last year and she told her BFF that she’s going to do awesome, and I fully expect she will.

Luke on the other hand, will tell you and everyone else he’s going to score eight goals and then if he doesn’t, he’ll tell you he scored eight goals anyway.  A wee bit different from his sister.

I had a bad couple of links in some previous 25 Days of Christmas posts that I recently fixed, and in fact, the product linked two days ago is now missing one of the colors of hats and subsequently ruined the joke.  Oh the ever-changing internet.  But for Day 15 let’s slow things down a little bit.  Let’s relax.  Go ahead and bring a friend and take a nap on this super dangerous thing.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of sleeping above or below someone on a foldable bed isn’t all that appealing to me.  Additionally, I can’t really think of a reason or location where this would actually be useful.  A prison maybe?

Yeah, maybe a prison.  I’ll pass.