Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut

Project 8 you say?  Where’s my update you say?  No?  No one said that?  Well too bad!

Like if shingling the roof wasn’t bad enough, shingling the stupid tower is taking me longer than the roof did, even if you don’t count the 100 specially shaped pieces I had to cut.  Why?

This is why. You can’t fit very many full shingles on the tower.  Toward the bottom a few would fit per row, but the further you go up the more often you are trimming them.  Once you get past halfway, you are trimming two pieces and using one full one.  On each of the five sides.  Over and over and over.

Done by Thanksgiving?  Yeah, in a year maybe.

On The Rebound

Hall of Fame athletes are in the Hall of Fame for a reason, because of their long-term greatness.  But even those athletes were susceptible to an off-night every once in a while.

Week 2 of Luke’s basketball season was underway this morning and things are improving I think.  I think.  Defense is really non-existent for the most part because as I mentioned before, the kids are taught to stay in their “zone”, which is nothing more than a partially taped box with a colored dot in the middle.  Most kids just stand on the dot and watch, so there you go.

Luke did pretty well.  His shooting was a bit off (1-for-5), primarily because he was a bit too far from the hoop (like his father), but he ended up bringing the ball up the floor more often than not and did a good job passing.  The kids are basically told when to pass in order to give every kid a chance, EXCEPT FOR THE COACH’S DAUGHTER WHO SEEMINGLY HAS A GREEN LIGHT TO SHOOT WHENEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS.

Sorry, anyway, he scored two points and grabbed a rebound, but his team couldn’t overcome another slow start in losing 20-16.

Can’t wait for next week!

So Winter Then?

Well, that was interesting.  Just in case you’ve forgotten all about cold weather, today was a nice sample of what will be coming!  Great, eh?  I was in denial for the first half of the day wearing just a thin hoodie, but I changed my ways in the afternoon and finally broke out the jacket.  Ugh.  Thankfully it will warm up a bit next week so we can be completely surprised when it gets cold again.

Luke and Mommy kept talking about how freezing they were while Claire and I were more along the lines of “it’s a bit chilly today.”  Either way, it seems like you guys like it when I talk about the impending cold doom and gloom, so here’s another post for you.

You’re welcome!  Stay warm!

News Flash

I am not in shape. This is not really “breaking news” material. But when you start bowling for the first time in over three months, you realize there are muscles you generally don’t use on a regular basis during the summer.

It takes about a month or so of bowling every week to get back into “bowling shape”, if there is such a thing. When you are still in that month period, it is not recommended to bowl two nights in a row, like I did Thursday and Friday night.

OMG I am old.  It is unlikely I will be able to use my right arm tomorrow.  No need to send me your sympathetic comments.

It’s not like you had them anyway…

Such A Great Idea

Wednesday night I went grocery shopping, but got home so late that I really didn’t feel like putting everything away.  So we tidied everything up on the island for proper storage on Thursday.  Yeah, nothing really unusual here.

As we were putting the stuff away on Thursday and as I was making dinner, Claire mentioned how hungry she was.  It was too close to dinner for anything significant, but there was a bag of tortilla chips on the counter.  Chrissy had a brilliant idea.

“Hey Claire, if you put this box of granola bars away I’ll give you a chip.”  Claire jumped at the chance and then started her negotiation, asking if she could have another chip if she put another thing away, and so on.  Then Luke jumped into the fray and before we knew it, everything was put away in the pantry all for the low-low cost of tortilla chips!  So if you want stuff done by the kids, reward them with food!  This is a great idea.  We could start withholding meals if we want bigger projects done!

Sigh…should have thought of this years ago…