That Explains It

Project 58 rolls along (tired of it yet?) and I’m at the point where I need to put the drawers together.  I hate putting drawers together.

These are unique because the walls of the drawers are actually one piece folded together.  You lay it out straight, put glue in the edges, fold the walls together in a box shape and affix the drawer face to it.  The worst part is putting the drawer slides on because these companies absolutely forbid pre-drilling any holes for the drawer slides.

WHY?!  Instead you give me a paper template to put on the side of the drawer and make me drill super short and tiny guide holes in the sides, then hope that the thing didn’t shift, then make sure that your screws go in perfectly straight so it doesn’t get in the way of the slide.  BAH!  OH, and with one of the screws I absolutely could NOT get it into the wall of the drawer, so I reached in the bag for another screw and it went in fine.  Why didn’t the other screw work?  This is why.

Makes it a bit more difficult.

How Hard Is It?

As you already know, I’m knee-deep in Project 58.  Today after work I spend the entire time after dinner mounting the two tracks to the wall where the shelves will hang.  I anticipated this going much quicker, but I know better.  It never works out that way.

The entire thing is customizable so there aren’t specific step-by-step instructions, however, on the diagram is says that each until will take up 23 5/8 inches.  Ok great, so I marked off the wall every 23 5/8 inches (stupid Imperial units) and hung the first track, which would hold two units.

Well, no.  As I was hanging the first unit it dawned on me that the width of the shelves were 24 inches, sooooooo, how can it be 23 5/8?  Plus, the diagram didn’t take into account the width of the panels that support the shelves, which is another 1 1/4 inch combined.  So all of my markings are basically off.  At least it doesn’t change the way the tracks were hung, so that is good, but it is going to change the width of the last panel.  We had to cut that one anyway so it isn’t a huge deal, but still.  Irritating.  It would be nice if that was mentioned as a friendly reminder in the generic manual that came with the units, but no.  Bartha Stewart and her Chinese manufacturers can’t be bothered with that.

Friggin’ Bartha Stewart.

Progress Is Progress

It’s not really close to being done, but at the very least I’m happy to report that Project 58 is moving along although maybe a bit slower than I anticipated.  The spackling and sanding took longer than I hoped, primarily because when I thought I was done I saw a couple of nail pops in the ceiling.  As I was fixing them, I noticed that there were a LOT of nail pops in the ceiling, so everything got delayed a bit while I fixed those.  I had to wait for that to dry, then sand and finally paint.

The kids helped with the painting for a little while, Claire more than Luke, and for the most part their damage was miniscule.  No drips or anything really to speak of, and since I was painting over what they did anyway, and since it is in a closet, no harm done.

Hopefully tomorrow I can start mounting the rails and maybe get one of the units hung.

I’ve learned to set small goals…that is the key.

Project No. 58

Today kicked off yet another project for me, turning our bedroom closet into something actually functional.  The builders installed wire racks in all of the closets.  The racks have a bar beneath them running the entire length of the rack, but that’s it.  There is no good place for things you don’t hang, unless you want piles of clothes and shoes sitting on top of the wire racks.  And that was fine for a while, but eventually it got to be really annoying.

So today I ripped out all that wire stuff to make room for a DIY closet organizer.  We put one of these in at the old house and it was fantastic.  Believe it or not, it was a huge selling point with the buyers.  In fact, they begged us not to take it with us, which is weird because why would we want a closet organizer that was designed for that closet?  I don’t know, it was odd.

So that was my fun today.  I’m so tired of sanding and sanding and sanding the bazillion holes the wire racks left behind, but thankfully that is done.  Tomorrow is paint, then starting to put in the new stuff.  Whoopee.  Fun.

If anyone is bored to tears and wants to lend a hand…let me know…

Anyone?  Hello?

Helllllooooo Winter!

Well, that was a short non-winter season, eh?  I just loved it today when it was 25 degrees, windy and snowing.  The winter jacket was put away weeks ago and once that happens there is no turning back, especially now that we are officially in spring.  And apparently, I am not alone in this thought process, by the way.

My strong, strong meteorologist background (11th in the state Science Olympiad in 7th grade, BAM!) tells me that this is pretty much the end of the cold.  We usually get a couple chilly days in April *like when the stupidly start playing baseball around here), but I declare winter officially over again!

Yes yes, you can thank me next time you see me in person.

You’re welcome!