Like Work Without The Work

Traditionally we’ve gone shopping on Black Friday.  In years past it was more fun because the concept of being open on Thanksgiving wasn’t thought of yet.  We never did the “wait-in-a-line-overnight” thing, or even for hours and hours, it was more of something to experience and to see the other crazies out there.  Entertainment value.

We hit the road around 8am and by the time we were done it was closer to 4pm, probably later, so it was a good eight-hour day.  I would say an easy 75-80% of Christmas shopping is done for the kids, with the exception of some things that we could get any time before Christmas.  That is a good day.  The crowds weren’t that bad and the lines were basically non-existent, so maybe being open on Thanksgiving is good for us since it thins out the Black Friday crowd.

We also got the Christmas decorations up from the basement and got the tree up.  The rest of the stuff will be put out this weekend.  We opted not to put the elf out last night, but she will be making her appearance at some point this weekend, probably Sunday.  Hooray.

Let the games begin.

Gobble Gobble Gobble Bring The Terror

Thanksgiving.  I’ve always liked Thanksgiving.  It’s probably because of its proximity to Christmas, but whatever.  It’s definitely not because of football, because except for this year we typically know how that turns out.

Aside from that, according to the kids this is also the start of elf season, which means Claire is already scared to death of going downstairs.  Luke has no issue and love looking for it while Claire’s feelings have been well-documented on this blog for a few years.  We’ve offered to “call Santa” and tell him that we don’t need an elf anymore, but she declined.  It’s the whole “not-knowing-where-it-is” thing that she can’t get past.  Tonight she said that as soon as she wakes up she was going to come into our room.  Yeah she does that anyway, but we all knew the reason why.  That damn elf.

When she finds out the truth, she is going to kill us.

If she doesn’t get to the elf first.

Pull Up

Luke is still a pull-up user at bedtime.  We haven’t really pushed the issue, but as he approaches the five-and-a-half year old mark it might be time to give things a little nudge.  However, it might be happening on his own.

We’ve always used the Barget brand of diapers and pull-ups over the years.  When Barget didn’t have the ones we typically use, we had to settle for Thomas the Train.  This did not go over well.  There was outrage and rightfully so!  Thomas?  What is Luke, a baby?

That’s what we heard a couple of days ago, so some wheeling and dealing was made by Luke.  If he can have three straight dry pull-ups, we’d consider he stop using them and he would get a pack of Pokemon cards for every day he is dry.  He agreed to this, signed on the line and to date has had one dry and one mostly dry.  Not bad!

A little bribery can go a long way.  We hope.

Didn’t Know You Could Do That

Elevators are such a good source of entertainment.  No one knows what to do with themselves in an elevator, but I’m not going to re-hash everything I’ve written in the past about that.  Today at work there was a gentleman that tried something I had never seen before.   Now I wasn’t watching intently, but I can say with good certainty that when the elevator stopped on the first floor, he knocked on the door.  And of course, it opened.

Did you know this was a feature?  I saw it with my own eyes so it must be true.  I didn’t try it myself yet, but I imagine I would get the same result.  Knock on the door and it will open.  Keep that in mind next time you are in an elevator.

Amaze your friends and co-workers and thank me later!


As Bessie continues her slow and natural deterioration, I keep my fingers crossed that the important mechanical bits will stay intact through the winter.  Now, I have no reason to think they won’t since the check-ups at the doctor have come back clean, with the exception of gobbling up a bit more oil than she should.  But she’s still within the “acceptable” range for oil consumption, assuming that it is ok to consume oil which it probably isn’t but on a 11-year-old car maybe it is.  Meh, whatever.  All I see is a clean bill of health!

Saturday she put on a little display for us.  Remember the quarter-sized welt on her windshield?  (If you don’t, where are your priorities?)  Well, with the temperatures being cold and with me having the warm defroster on the windshield, that’s a recipe for a crack.  As we were in the midst of our travels, the windshield popped and a crack spread from either side of the welt.  I encouraged the crack to stay down as not to block my field of view of my side, and Chrissy watched intently on her side.  Thankfully it stayed low and found its way to the bottom edge of the windshield from both ends of the crack.  Whew!  Crisis averted!  Still no need to replace that sucker!

And wouldn’t you know it, I’m not the only one looking out for her well-being.  As I was headed home from work last week, a nice African-American fellow (his race is irrelevant, just adding to the story, work with me here) honked his horn and motioned me to lower my window.  I did so and he said, “Hey bro, Bessie’s got a brake light out!”  Ah, fantastic!  Thank you kind gentleman!  I don’t know about you, but as soon as I have an exterior light not functioning properly, I automatically feel like an ass that is endangering the driving society.  I want to get that fixed immediately, especially since Bessie’s rear bumper, janky license plate light, windshield crack and overall cosmetic age are not necessarily projecting a very positive vibe.  I swapped out the bulb and all is well now.

Just four more months…