All About Timing

As the Red Wings’ season was extinguished yesterday afternoon I started to think about one of the projects I meant to complete before the end of the playoffs.  My good ol’ Raspberry Pi was waiting in the distance to stream hockey games live, and only this weekend I found out that the service I planned on using to do that was permanently disabled.  The timing couldn’t be better I suppose since I don’t really have a specific interest in the playoffs anymore, and now I am able to use the new laptop and connect it to the other TV so that opens a huge set of video streaming doors for the future.  Now I just need to start a new project with the Pi.  Hmmmmm…

There is one location in the world where our kids turn into some sort of monsters, and that is the furniture store.  We were shopping around for new (and heavy) patio sets and for whatever reason, the kids just ramp up the energy and it is seemingly impossible to keep them under control.  Well, hold on, it’s not like they terrorize people in the store, they just have to sit on everything.  I mean everything!  Every chair, couch, swing, recliner you name it, they just have to sit on it.  And it makes it extra hard to think about what we are going to do with them sitting in every single place to sit.

It does keep the overbearing salespeople at bay though, so that works out I suppose.


One thought on “All About Timing

  1. If you are going back to Art Van on VanDyke, we had a salesman there, Ray, who we really liked. Yesterday, we had Diane, who remembered us from Lazy Boy. She used to work there and we bought the living room chairs there a long time ago! But Ray was really nice, not pushy. I’m sure he will remember me. I kept trying to get a “deal”!!

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