The Model T Incident

If you are a Facebook friend of mine, you may have noticed earlier today that I was cut off by a Model T while on the way to drop Claire off at cheer practice.  Based on the license plate I believe it was from 1924.  There is a chance it was actually a Model A, but I’m going to say no because I’ve already titled this post “The Model T Incident.”

The incident was simple.  I’m driving south on a fairly high-speed road, Model T comes out from a subdivision WAY too late.  Had the Model T been something at least thirty years newer he would have been fine, but with his twenty horsepower (I’m not kidding) this was a bad decision.

I’m more intrigued about the thought process of the driver, who looked as old as the vehicle.  It could be any of these options…

a) He is legally blind and just went.
b) He didn’t care and just went.
c) He still thinks it’s the 1920s and thought he had plenty of time.
d) The car suddenly didn’t perform as expected.
e) He’d actually been sitting there for hours because his car is so slow and just decided he had to go or else he’ll never make his appointment.
f) The guy is senile and has no problem risking the complete destruction of himself and his 90-year-old vehicle.

I’m not sure what the most likely answer is here.  It is probably ‘f’ and a good possibility it is ‘c’, which I guess are pretty much the same thing.

Had there been a collision, well, let’s just say that would have not been very pretty.  Contrary to popular opinion (and as stated in the following video), old cars are most definitely not “tanks”, as shown here.  I know that this Model T is way, way older than that Bel Air, but it gets the point across.

Anyway, crisis averted, history was saved!



2 thoughts on “The Model T Incident

  1. If it was from 1924 it was most likely a Model T because the Model A wasn’t mass produced until 1927. I Googled, so it must be true.

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