The advent of modern smartphones has caused a big shift in panic for me.  For a good while I didn’t become part of the smartphone club, but once I made the switch there was no reason not to integrate it into my life.  This day and age if I had to lose one of either my wallet or my phone, I would choose my wallet every time.  And I’m pretty sure most people my age (and for sure younger) would feel the same way.  I haven’t done any scientific research, but we’ll treat that as fact because that is what we do here.

Thinking about what I have in my wallet right now, I have my license and related driving documents (almost useless), various cards (easily replaceable credit cards or I could use my phone, insurance cards, membership cards, etc.), $20 (whoop-de-do), and I can’t think of anything else because I never use whatever else is in there.  See ya.

If I lose my phone, well, I then have to buy another phone, and then do the painstaking reload process.   Thankfully a lot of it is backed up to the cloud, but it is still a pain.  And in the meantime I’m completely cut off from the world and everyone thinks I’m stranded in the middle of a forest somewhere.  Local authorities would be alerted, search parties would be sent out, helicopters in the sky, no one wants to deal with any of that.

That panic shift from wallet to phone took a little less than ten years for me (assuming that two years ago I still would have chosen to lose my wallet, but I never wrote about it until now).  It makes me wonder what the next shift will be?  Will something replace the phone as that lifeline item?  Will the wallet make a comeback?  Will we be implanted with a chip and call it good?




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