Today was Luke’s last day of Hockey School, which meant they were going to do some half-rink 3-on-3 games.  He did really well.  He does a lot better when he isn’t thinking about his skating and it showed today.  He didn’t get any goals, but he was interested and getting in the action.  He played goalie for a little bit as well (in regular pads) and made a nice save that he was pretty proud of.

Now we have a month off until the fall season starts.  He doesn’t want a break but I think it will be good for him.  He needs some new skates so we’ll want some time to break them in.  His left foot was crooked on the ice for some reason, and it turns out I think he was hiding a mega-blister on his ankle.  Typical hockey player I guess.

He got good marks on his report card and his puck handling skills were far improved from the first class to the last.  We’re all super-excited to see how he does come fall.  There is a six-week tryout and then team placements.



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