Very Snaky

It was a double dose of action for us today as Luke’s Serpents played their second-to-last game of the season and Claire’s Vipers competed downtown. Luckily she had a later performance so we all could go watch her perform. And oddly enough, the Serpents played the Vipers today.  So many snakes.

And just like the last time these two teams played the Serpents lost like 1,000-4. All of the Vipers skate very, very well and were pretty relentless with their offensive pressure.

Luke decided he was going to cherry-pick today which drew ire from us fans and a coach. Go make your goals, don’t wait for them.  He scored a goal by making one, so that should be a lesson learned.  I don’t think he’ll do that next week.

Moving over to the other snakes, it was a loooooong day at Cobo for Claire’s competition.  We got there around 3ish or so and her performance wasn’t until 6.  I-94 being closed caused her coaches to require everyone to be there a bit earlier, and we didn’t leave until after 9.

Her team got second place and didn’t get any deductions, which meant that the team that won had a more difficult routine and also didn’t get any deductions.  To my untrained eye, there’s no way the other team had a more difficult routine which means the judges have to be crap.  Such is life in the judged competition world.  Claire was pretty miffed, but her and her team did everything they could.

Off to Columbus next week!