Often times I think about doing this…

  • Never tell the kids what they are supposed to be doing and see what happens (or most likely what doesn’t happen).

For example, don’t tell the kids to get dressed, eat, brush their teeth or get ready for school.

I will make dinner, but I won’t tell them to eat it.

I won’t tell them to take a shower, or get ready for bed.  What would happen?

There is a 50/50 chance they’d eat breakfast I think.  They most definitely would not brush their teeth, but they would get dressed as they realized I was sitting in the car ready to take them to school.  Shoes would be untied.

They would ask about dinner before I made dinner, then go get distracted and be starving hours later.  They would eventually eat though.

After that all hell would break loose because they absolutely would not take a shower or do all of their bedtime preparations, or even go to bed.  They would fall asleep and/or roll around on the floor until midnight, then be curious why we weren’t putting them to bed and why they weren’t really fed that day, and why they are still wearing their clothes (or maybe even their pajamas depending on how the morning went).

Yeah, that doesn’t sound interesting.  I’d rather just yell at them.

Way easier.