Holy Toledo

For the first time ever (at least the first time I can remember), I went to the Toledo Zoo today.  A lot of people talk about this zoo like it is the best zoo in the world, so we figured he had to go and see what all the buzz was about.  Here is the Official 2050 Times Toledo Zoo review.

Getting there – Ohio roads are always under construction.  ALWAYS.  I am not exaggerating.  You know what they do with all that turnpike toll money?  Fix roads in perpetuity.  It sounds great, but no, it is the same roads, over and over and over again.  So naturally there was construction, and apparently Ohio has no clue that the rest of the country has 70 mph on many interstates.  Driving in Ohio sucks.

We’re there – We’re waiting in a huge line for tickets, then said forget that and bought the tickets from our phone while waiting in line to buy tickets.  Then we skipped all the lines and got ushered through this weird entrance. Buy the tickets before you get there.  Or in line when you are there.  Skip the madness.  And apparently Detroit Zoo members get half off?  We’re not Detroit Zoo members anymore so we couldn’t take advantage of that.

Where are we going – We didn’t get a map when we got shoved through the entrance and well, that is your first and last chance to get a map.  There were no other locations that had maps.  I’d ask employees for maps, no maps.  We had to go back to an entrance to get a map.  The map is super helpful because the signage is less than acceptable, and you know how I hate having no signage.  However, it is much easier to walk around this zoo since it doesn’t have that weird long shape that the Detroit Zoo has, and there are fewer hills to climb (important if you are lugging a wagon or stroller or something).

The exhibits – Compared to the Detroit Zoo the exhibits were much more intimate and easier to see most of the animals up close.  But the animals will still only show you their butt and/or not move an inch because I think they are trained to do so.

Overall – The Toledo Zoo uses its space better than the Detroit Zoo, the exhibits are well-designed and it is easy to navigate.  But I would stop short saying it is better than the Detroit Zoo.  They both have their pros and cons but it all balances itself out.  A zoo might just be a zoo.

2050 Times Official Review Score – Good

There.  It got a ‘good’.  Which is good.