5, 6, 7, 8

Three times a year, maybe four at most, we get to see Claire’s cheer routine during a practice.  Considering she goes to practice twice a week for almost the entire year, it is a rare opportunity to see her outside of a competition.  This afternoon was one of those rare events.

Cheer is very unique because for all of those practices, the end-game is a competition that lasts about two-and-a-half minutes.  And that’s it.  I suppose watching her rival teams is also part of the competition, but since it is judged it’s not like you have any sense of how good her team did, for the most part anyway.  Even with this just being our second year we’ve seen enough to identify major mistakes, but aside from that, no clue.  It is way different than watching Luke’s hockey game or whatever, but just as stressful since other girls are chucking Claire into the air and are responsible for catching her.  Next week is their first competition!  Yikes!

We’ve reached the 10th day of the 25 Days of Christmas and I’ve received a lot of messages thus far (zero) about how the items aren’t “fancy” enough.”  Maybe you’re looking to really unload the wallet on something nice for your loved one(s) this Christmas, and I have the perfect items for you.  This is the real deal, folks.  We’re talking Tiffany & Co.

Oh yeah, you know you have someone in mind for that thing.  Maybe a tin can isn’t their style, but this is?  Too bad this is unavailable online, because I’d have all sorts of uses for a $950 paper plate.  You want dumber?  Here’s dumber.  I’d look like such a baller drinking chocolate milk from my sterling silver crazy straw.

The sad part is you know these things are selling, otherwise they wouldn’t exist.  Amazing.