Today’s stop was in Cozumel, Mexico. We had been to the Mexican Riviera on the west side of the country back in the mid-2000s, so I was especially curious to see how it would compare.

The day prior there was a “highlights” session in one of the bars on the ship that provided everything you needed to know about the shopping in town. I thought it was very odd because all of the major shops had stores in this mini-town on the pier.

Cozumel has multiple docking areas for cruise ships and can handle up to 13 of them per day. Our dock was near this mini-town while others were closer to downtown and in other areas.

This mini-town felt very artificial. If you wanted to know what Cozumel or Mexico was really like, this was most definitely not the place. Thankfully we did an excursion that took us to a beach with optional snorkeling, to quick tour of a Mayan ruin, and then to an authentic delicious restaurant far away from the fake town. Those sights gave you a much better flavor of the culture.

One important part of Cozumel.  The water.  No, not that water, the sea/ocean water.  I can’t post a video here because I’m cheap and using the free WordPress option, but it was easily the clearest water I’ve ever seen.  Using the GoPro from above water to underwater there was virtually no change.

Oddly enough (but in jest), the guy at the snorkeling station called me racist for not speaking Spanish and thus hating Mexicans, and a different guy in the fake town called me racist for hating Mexicans as well. I wasn’t wearing an I HATE MEXICANS t-shirt, so that must be the popular joke these days. I told both of them that I was way closer to Canada and spoke their language instead, but they did not seem to get my equally bad joke. Interesting.

So in the end, something was missing from Cozumel. We would have preferred more time at the ruins and I think that would have added to the authenticity of the visit.

Or more time at the restaurant.  Anything for more Mexican food.

Day at sea tomorrow as we return home!